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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rants and Rave: My Twitter Comments on the Yele Haiti and Wyclef Acquisitions

Here are my tweets from roughly 3 hours ago

I weighed in on the @wyclef story on @therealourbloc earlier.
There were many discrepancies in the main stories that are circulating.

Folks the pundits in the case are "outside groups" that have supposedly audited tax information from @wyclef 's Yele Haiti organization, but they have raised quite a few red flags themselves.

If you look at the main story circulating, the organization stated that $411,000 was spent against $79K of revenues brought in by @wyclef 's foundation. Question 1+1=2 but how does $79K = $411K? I'll tell u It doesn't and that was from 2006.

Secondly you notice how @wyclef raised over $1.9M in 2008 but there were no issues raised against those revenues.

Next they stated that his music business was tied to @wyclef 's charity ummm they are one in the same and generally most charities are self financed, so if $79K = $411k wouldn't that mean that @wyclef would have to make up the shortfall i.e. performing for free, but assessing a value?

See before we can say that @wyclef has done anything wrong, first you must analyze the messenger and in this case the messenger is i mean are organizations who require fee based relationships in order to carry there emblem even though they themselves are "nonprofit".

Secondly, how many of these pundits are actually feet down in Haiti? let me answer that none but @wyclef is over there

Third...media spin cycles..how is it the media embraced Yele I mean @wyclef has been on 60 min several times, has been praised by gov'ts for his endeavors even though these public records existed no one has "raised" a question, but now since @wyclef raised $2M and counting ppl are so-called saying that @wyclef and Yele can't help, but again who's there? @wyclef is not the BBB not these other orgs.

Unfortunately the U.S. media earns profit by keeping you interested i.e. gossip and rumors unfortunately often times slander is at the root cause of these claims. When reading the redderick always use common sense. That was the first thing that stood out to me after reading the many articles. I think I may write my old college professor and ask how $411,000 worth of expense can be squeezed out of $79,000 of revenue without someone i.e. @wyclef kicking in an additional $332K in value to make that happen? Educate before you judge..support Yele

Text Yele to 501 501 and donate $5 to the Earthquake Relief Fund.

Written by: Ran
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the Vid Bloc: Wyclef Responds to the Allegations that He has Profited from Yele Haiti

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the Fashion BLOC: The HOOK UP

No, I'm not hooking you up with a cutie or anything like that; you wish. This my friend is a different hookup. How many times do you have to find a place to put your purse when you go out to eat or when you go to a cafe? Do you sit it on the floor or in the chair next to you (if its available)? I know I do...so when I heard about this little dohicky, I was naturally geeked! The Hook Up solves that issue and it keeps your purse off those dirty floors, yet in plain view. The Hook up is a clip in the shape of a heart that clips to the purse strap and twists open to hook your purse to a table or even a door {see right}. Its made from metal and designed to hold even the heaviest purses up to 30lbs; almost like a purse hanger but it doesn't have to be just for your purse; it can be your portable hook for everything you have. Your umbrella, coat, hats, bags, and the list goes on and on. Awesome must-have accessory for any woman! I can't wait to get mine.

Your Options:

Platinum Hookup
Price: $36
Finished in Platinum
Dimensions: 4"x 3" (101.6mm x 76.2mm)
Weight: 1.5 oz (42.5 g)
Embroidered pouch and gift box included

Gold Hookup
Finished in 22K Gold
Dimensions: 4"x 3" (101.6mm x 76.2mm)
Weight: 1.5 oz (42.5 g)
Embroidered pouch and gift box included

For more information please visit www.thehookup.com

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the Mental Relaxation: Show Me the Way - Trevor - Richen

(Photo by Richard X. Thripp - Light the Way)

Show Me A way to use my passions and dreams for good in this world;
So many have stated this to give them hope to make it through tough times;
When they ask, do you hear them and answer?;
Or do you ignore them and go about your day as if nothing happens?;
Then you wonder why crime exists, its because the youth have no direction;
We've forgotten that we are the ones that are the makers of the future;
And yet we ignore the cries of those who are hungry or poor;
As if your lives are more important than the young man that knows no love.
You should ask yourself why he's out on the corners, risking his life;
And tell him that you can help him find a job, so he can stop stealing & robbing;
Remember what Dr. King said "watch the drum major instinct that is in you";
The desire to be first is what directs our lives and that makes people sick;
Where's our direction in 2010 going to go? We learned many things in 2009;
Give back to those who deserve and help them when they ask;
They shall remember the good deeds that you've done for them;
In the end, choose to help others;
Speak out for those who have done right and tell their stories;
For theirs and yours is the story that is worth every verse.

Trevor Richen - 2010

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Friday, January 15, 2010

the Vid Bloc: Hold On - Wyclef ft Mavado

Wyclef's dedication to Haiti during their extreme time of crisis. Keep the Haitian people, the 1000s of volunteers there and headed there, and the Haitian families around the World in your prayers.

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the Vid Bloc: This 5 Year Old Drummer is the F-N ISH

And you call yourself a musician because you are crazy sick with the beat machine. This 5 year old kid is the sh*t seriously. Wow, I need to bookmark his page ASAP.

[Song: "Toxcicity" - System of the Down]
[Source: The Urban Daily]

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the Vid Bloc: Pants on the Ground

This song is hilarious LMAO ... Happy Friday

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I gotta get this ringtone LOL

the Fashion BLOC: Project Runway 7 Premiere

The beginning of season 7 starts the show with a quote from Heidi stating "you are going to have to work hard!" so I raise an eyebrow at the thought. There has been several talks of a more demanding season full of real challenges. We shall see.

Immediately, I think Ben and Seth Aaron are really cool. Emilio seems like he loves to bite on more then he can chew but, you never know, he may surprise me. Christiane's portfolio seems like she has nice pieces but is very cocky. Maybe too cocky.

FIRST CHALLENGE: Design your own thang, which totally proves who they are as a designer, so I'm excited to see this be the first challenge.....Oh and did I mention immunity...Hmmm

They get 3 min to make a mad dash for fabrics galore....where Emilio says they all look like "Fat people in a open buffet in Vegas" {OH GOODNESS LOL}. They get 5 minutes for Editing = which means to trim the fat on your fabric choices. Between editing and the electronic tablets being introduced, its good to see the show is clearly making 'green' decisions but it sucks for the designers who would totally love that fabric for security purposes. This is gonna be interesting.

I like Ping; she is extra weird but im looking forward to seeing what she does but she definitely is DIFFERENT.
Tim's Check - IN
They all seem pretty amateurish for the most part. Scrambling to the very end. The decisions have me confused at first glance.

Anthony is hilarious and for some reason he is just what I needed LOL. But he is truly struggling with the zipper and what not; I need to see whats that about by the next challenge, let's hope.

Tim has to give a motivational speech ON THE 1ST EPISODE about being TOO ambitious AND he breaks out the first "Im worried" of the season. I don't think I have seen this many contestants struggling in the 1st episode. WOWZERS! I may just have to break out a Tim-ism countdown.

Judges: M. Kors, Nina, Nicole Richie and of course, Heidi

I like Jay's piece, Ben's retro meets futuristic but Ben and Emilio get me...But most of all, Emilio's detail totally paid off and gave us all a hint as to what he is about. GET IT! I was totally impressed. Anthony's turned out OK, contradictions were all over the place and it had too many things going on. YIKES!

But THE best is MK calling Jesus' dress, "a huge crocodile trunk that exploded into an evening gown"....DOUBLE YIKES!

Emilio is the winner & was so geeked up that he picked up his model and danced around with her lol! [See his winning look at the top and to the left]. 

Christiane gets the boot - her color combinations got christiane and it looked amateurish so I was not surprised. Jesus better step it up as he was on the chop block too and he was a hot mess too. Besides, if that was his style, I'm afraid I'm concerned, forget worried. Nevertheless, lots of sashaying yet showstoppers. Looking forward to this season.

Written by: Autty
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the Vid Bloc: Footage of the Earthquake as it Hit Haiti

[Source: CBS News / GlobalGrind.com]

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the Stadium: Gilbert Arenas Set to Plea

Several news sources are reporting that Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas will enter a plea in exchange for either a reduced jail term or no jail at all.

Details of the plea have yet to be released, however, Agent Zero is set to appear in a DC court this afternoon and plea guilty to one count of carrying a pistol with no license which carries a maximum penalty of 5 years in prison.

Gilbert Arenas was suspended without pay by the NBA on Jan 6, 2010 pending the results of the criminal and NBA investigations into the locker room incident that occurred on December 21 between him and teammate Jarvis Crittendon. The NBA and the Wizards have been mum regarding the ramifications for Gilbert's guilty plea, but I'm sure a statement will be issued after the plea is made official.

At this time, Crittendon has not been charged with a crime even though the police searched his apartment today looking for the gun that several anonymous witnesses stated he pulled and loaded during the incident.

More details will be provided so keep checking back.

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Written by: Ran

[Source: Bloomberg News and Fox Sports]

Thursday, January 14, 2010

the SHOPPE: Deal of the Day!

Guess Black Dial Watch
Item #81420G10193G
Was $100.00 SALE $ 67.00

  • Silver stainless steel watch
  • Black dial
  • Three-hand quartz movement
  • Rotating top ring
  • Multi function dials
  • Matte and shiny silver bracelet

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the Fashion BLOC: Project Runway Returns with the "Season of the Sashay"

I can admit that I totally fell off Project Runway last season but in my defense, it was boring me. Maybe it was Los Angeles, maybe it was the designers but I couldn't bare to even watch it to the end. However, Lifetime's baby is back in NY and promising more drama, the craziest designers, more challenges, and it has even been coined as 'The Season of the Sashay' by Tim Gunn, for reasons I'm sure we shall find out.

Gunn states he is a little worried about this season which is why he named it that. Tim told People during the temporary naming of Project Runway Avenue in NYC's Fashion District, "There isn't a single challenge without lots of 'make it work' moments." He even stated that "this worries me" will probably become his new catchphrase because of this season.

Nonetheless, both Michael Kors and Tim Gunn are both glad to be back in NY for this new season and so am I. I'm looking forward to the Tim-isms and the classic Klum and Kors confused faces.

The 7th season of 'Project Runway' debuts tonight on Lifetime at 10 PM et/pt with guest judge Nicole Richie.

Take a look........

Quote of the Day

Smile ...today will be a good day

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the Stoop: Breaking News - Teddy Pendergrass Has Died

The soul singer know as the Teddy Bear that brought the world hits like "Turn Off the Lights" , "Hold Me" ft Whitney Houston, and "Love TKO" has passed away.

Teddy Pendergrass' son stated that his father had colon surgery 8 months ago and had a difficult recovery [Source: ABC News/AP].

Teddy Pendergrass was 59.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

the Vid Bloc: Amazing Video of Ignorance

If people did not believe that Pat Robertson is mentally ill, after watching this video footage, everyone close to him should be calling for a doctor to examine him immediately. Pat Robertson stated the reason for the earthquake and the previous generational economic despair of the Haitian people in Haiti was due to the fact that the Haitian people made a pact with the devil in order to gain independence from the French. WOW...WTF...WOW...

For many years, Pat Robertson has used the 700 Club as a platform to sound off his opinion to an audience of millions. What's scary is his followers agree with much of the ignorant, cenial bs that he spews, but this takes the cake. Prior to mentioning the pact with satan, he stated in an interview that the demise of the Haitian people could be good because it will allow them to rebuild a new foundation to their society. Again...WOW...WTF...WOW....Look at the facial reactions of the interviewer and the young lady standing next to him in the video; you can tell that neither of them agree with either statement.

The thinking of many right wingers has reached a cataclysmic level and if society does not do something to stop these dangerous accusations and opinions, I fear that something far more deadly can be brewing. Free Speech is protected by the 1st amendment in this country, but my gosh, where is our social responsibility? Hopefully his organization will think to issue an apology for this colorful dissertation, but if not, I hope his own followers speak out. Wishful thinking on my part, but serious someone needs to round up this angry old man and his club of friends and put them somewhere before they cause more moral damage.

Written by: Ran

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the Walkman: Music Wed on OURBLOC.com

For the first music Wednesday drop we decided to hit you with something old and a ish load of hot new tracks. We are giving you 2 Hip Hop heaters from independent artists clearly on the rise to stardom. 

Then we freaked it with 2 R&B bangers from O and Ryan Leslie, but to get the day started we took everyone WAYYYYYYYY back with a little Rush, Rush from Paula Abdul.

Listen and don't forget to support Music...

1. Paula Abdul - Rush, Rush
2. Coleone (@coleone on Twitter) ft Reese - We Hard
3. Omarion - Speedin
4. Bedrock Remix - Swazy Baby (@darealswazybaby on Twitter), Slym (@only1slym on Twitter), Lil Wayne, and Drake
5. Ryan Leslie - Don't Leave

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Quote of the Day

To whom much is given, much is expected- Luke 12:48

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the Stoop: A Devastating Earthquake Has Leveled Parts of Haiti

Devastation is a mere understatement for the aftermath of a monstrous 7.0 earthquake that hit Haiti yesterday. As countless footage and pleas for the lost and missing begin to become visible to the World, the initial reaction is shock and prayer. This is truly a tragic event for a country already suffering from deep despair.

Various media agencies are reporting everything from the U.N. facilities, the Presidential Palace, to small farm towns that have been decimated to mere heaps of scrap that have entombed those who've perished. Collectively the World is coming together to lift our voices in pray that underneath these mountains of death, GOD will produce even one miracle of life and survival.

Relief efforts are already underway. Red Cross and the Inter-American Developmental Bank have announced the immediate deployment of $200,000 each in food, temporary shelter, medicine and relief aid. Wyclef Jean is actively raising funds via his "Yele Haiti" organization by asking fans to text Yele to 501 501 which will donate $5 to the earthquake relief effort. Wyclef has reported on his site that he's received several text messages from his homeland stating that many have died. He continued by stating that "...We must think ahead for the aftershock, the people will need food, medicine, shelter, etc..." [Source: MSNBC]; our help is needed now.

Donate to Yele, American Red Cross or other reputable organizations raising funds, and most importantly PRAY.

Written by: Ran

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

the SHOPPE: Deal of the Day!

$59.99 ($80)

Round-toe ankle boot
Fold over cuff detail
Button tab and buckle accent
4" stacked heel, 1" hidden platform
Synthetic outsole
Inner side zip closure
Upper: 100% suede

Enjoy free shipping and free returns


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Enjoy & Happy Shopping!

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Quote of the Day

"It's not a lack of LOVE, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages" - Nietzsche

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Monday, January 11, 2010

the Fashion BLOC: The Burberry Trench Reincarnated

Here is a sneak peek of Burberry's SS10 campaign with the fab Emma Watson...which includes the Burberry Trench reinvented with fab colors, shapes, shoulder pads and of course, the infamous plaid...

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Quote of the Day

Sometimes it takes drastic measures to change a near drastic situation

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the Boardroom: Heineken and Dos Equis Parent Company Agree to Marry

The beer for the distinguished palate and the one toted by the World's Most Interesting Man have decided to join forces as one. Heineken NV announced their $5.5 billion all stock acquisition of Mexican beer manufacturer Femsa Cervesa, the makers of Dos Equis, Tecate, and Sol Beers. As part of the deal, Heineken NV will assume Femsa's $2.1B US debt and pension obligations and Femsa Cervesa will receive a 12.5% stake in Heineken NV and a 14.9% stake in Heineken's parent company Heineken Holdings NV.

This deal will expand Heineken's market share in both North and South America while allowing them to challenge Grupo Modelo [maker of Corona and #1 U.S. import beer by market share] more effectively.

Looks like this could be a marriage made in Beer Heaven, but only time will tell. In the meantime, lift your glasses and let's toast to the greatest man cave ever shown in a commercial and it's newest occupant...the World's Most Interesting Man who can speak Mandarin Chinese in French lol.

Source: Yahoo! Finance

Synopsis written by: Ran

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the Internal Memo: LOL...Happy Monday

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Travel Agency: JetSetter Deals End at Midnight!

Tabacón - Alajuela, Costa Rica
Romantic and authentic five-star Costa Rican eco-hideaway surrounded by lush greenery at the foot of the Arenal Volcano.

Deluxe Premium $210/night (Hotel Website $440)
Superior Room $120/night (Hotel Website $175)

Viceroy - West End, Anguilla
One of a handful of chic hideaways, this newcomer is the answer to those seeking Caribbean island escapism without foregoing a high level of service (a rarity in the islands) and stylish comfort.

Oceanview One Bedroom Suite $650/night (Hotel Website $1095)
Four Bedroom Blufftop Villa $4500/night (Hotel Website $7500)

St. James Club - Mamora Bay, Antigua & Barbuda
Tiny Antigua, 14 miles long and 11 miles wide, is one of those famously paradisiacal islands that actually lives up to the hype.

Club Room $400/night (Hotel Website $625)
Beachfront Room $435/night (Hotel Website $695)

Note: Rates are all-inclusive per room and include the following: breakfast, lunch and dinner daily; name-brand liquors, house wine, Caribbean beer and sodas; non-motorized water sports (windsurfing, snorkeling, kayaking, etc); all tips, taxes and service charges.

Blancaneaux Lodge - Cayo District, Belize
Guests hide away in one of the 21 thatched-roof villas and cabanas built into a hillside above the swift-moving Privassion Creek and waterfall.

Two Bedroom Villa $350/night (Hotel Website $540)
Riverfront Cabana $225/night (Hotel Website $340)

Log in using my personal invitation link ....Enjoy and Happy Travels!

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the Fashion BLOC: Heidi Klum takes a stab at being "Designer"

As a host and judge of Project Runway, Heidi Klum has had to evaluate designs from up and coming designers, now she has decided to take a stab at the designing side herself. The always fab model and mother of four is taking on the role as a designer of two Maternity collections, 'Lavish' and 'Loved' exclusively for A Pea in the Pod and Motherhood Maternity.

According to a statement, "I chose to call my collection for A Pea in the Pod 'Lavish' because there is no grander name to express everything you want to give yourself and the child growing within you," Klum said. "For Motherhood Maternity, 'Loved' is a celebration of new life and the love around you and your baby.

Women always struggle with staying fab throughout their pregnancy and I think style, flair, and sexiness should never go away just because you're preggers. Even though this is long overdue, I'm so glad Klum is playing a part in it. She truly exemplifies all of that and more and hopefully, she will bring that to her new lines.

Lavish will include 15 pieces that feature "iconic style and detailed construction," and Loved will feature 14 pieces that "present comfort, playfulness, and supermodel style" at a lower price point.

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