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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Spreading some holiday cheer with this song. "The Circle of Poo" - Mr. Hanky and Son

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

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Friday, July 09, 2010

the Stadium: The Trifecta is Now Complete and Cleveland is PISSED

written by Ran Crosby

*in my announcer voice* Let me introduce you to your NEW, Miami-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i Heat!!!!!!!

Enough of that and I'm not riding shotgun in the Miami Heat bandwagon mobile, but you have to admit that Pat Riley's [Mad Scientist] concoction is intriguing. Was this the best move for each one of these superstars? Who knows, only time will tell. Regardless, it's now a done deal and Team USA is now a reality in the NBA.

Everyone expected fan backlash, but seriously Cleveland...Cleveland...you're grown ass adults acting like your child ran away. I know you paid money to see Lebron play, but that does not mean you own the guy. The outrage from these "super fans" who have not picked up a basketball since they were 10 is getting seriously out of hand. Riots, burning of jerseys, tearing up posters and you expect another superstar to want to come and play in your city. Folks, that dream ended with the riot ensuing letter from Dan Gilbert., Cleveland Cavaliers owner. I understand you're disappointed, but there is an expectation that "PROFESSIONAL CANDOR" will be put forward by the ownership after the team under goes a major change such as your superstar leaving. At the end of the day it's a business folks and business decisions are made everyday by both Players and Owners.

Next, please stop saying that Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, and Larry Bird won championships on their own. If you you look at each one of these teams during their championship runs, they had a supporting cast of superstars in their own right. It was called "no salary cap" and teams were able to effectively buy their way to a NBA title. If you are a true basketball purist, but you say that Kareem, James Worthy, Kevin Mchale, Robert Parrish, Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman were not stars then my friend you're not a basketball purist. Contrary to the nonathletic's popular belief, you can't win anything on your own unless you're playing Golf, Tennis or Skiing...and even then, there are team aspects to each one of these sports.

The dynamics of the NBA have changed with this move, but the Heat are not "guaranteed" to win a championship yet. I mean they only have one signed player at this time and last I knew the NBA is not a 3 on 3 tournament.  The Bulls developed the concept, the Lakers are known for it, the Celtics ushered the modern day version of it and now the Heat have solidified that a team of 3 powerhouses playing together is here to stay. The World will be watching in late October when the new 3 Kings of the NBA tip off their season. Heading into the a CBA year, the Miami Heat may have saved the league. Only time will tell...

Congratulations is in order to Pat Riley, the Miami Heat Fans, and the Bandwagon Riders. The 2010-11 NBA season will go down in history as one of the most memorable.

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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Quote of the Day

In order for our dreams to come to fruition, we must be willing to invest in ourselves. It takes more than emotional investments to see our dreams become a reality. - Jouran Crosby

Saturday, July 03, 2010

the Vid Bloc: Salakida performing "In Bloom" Live

Salakida performing "In Bloom (Beloved)" live with Elliot Holden on Guitar. This is a songstress with tremendous star power potential. Very excited to hear her new project "The Resurrection". Visit www.Salakida.com and listen to samples from "The Resurrection"

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the Picture House: Review of the Last Airbender

I hate to disappoint you, but he doesn't bend his farts. I know sad for everyone who wanted to see him bend stinky air and make his foes pass out. LMAO Just kidding

The movie was good, but in traditional Hollywood remake style, it does not stick to the actual original material, but it does not completely divert from it. Let's start with the bad about the movie. The real downfall of the movie was the fact that I spent $22 to see it in Real 3D and there was nothing 3D about it. No flames or water jumping out at me. No flying drop kicks or swords nearly decapitating me in my seat. No 3D, no nothing. If some of the bigger scenes had true 3D elements, it would make the film that much better.

The only other downfall was the fact that the comedic side of Ang was left out a bit. Granted, M Knight would not be able to reduplicate penguin sliding or wake boarding on the backs of over-sized COD fish, but a bit more Ang-like humor would have been cool. Other than that, I thought the movie was pretty awesome.

The sets were absolutely amazing to say the least. M Knight took a page out of Peter Jackson's book of set design and delivered big. From the ships, to the Air Temples, to the Northern Water Tribe village; the only thing I can say was amazing. Even though the movie deviated from the original story, I enjoyed how M Knight developed certain aspects allowing for individuals to experience an array of feelings with the main characters. The fight scenes, I will let you know now, the fight scenes are not your typical martial art scenes. What do I mean you ask, well you see the fight scenes are in the good element, so they don't disappoint.

Many complained about the ending, but hey he had to set it up for a sequel and personally I think we all will go and see part deux. If you're sitting there saying "oh Hell no I'm not seeing that crap again" stop lying you know after seeing that spectacular water bending scene that you want to see what Ang will do with the remaining elements. Plus, if you are a true fan of the show, the first chapter of the book is Water.

Overall the film was decent, but the lack of 3D was a bit disappointing. As a result I have to give the movie a 2.5 3D glasses on a scale of 4. I say go check it out, just don't spend the extra money to see it in 3D.

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Written by Ran - Ran@ourbloc.com

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the Stoop: The Awesome Flying Car

Written by Ran

Wow this is truly a step in the right direction. Terrafugia (ter-ra-FOO-gee-ah) is a company made up of MIT trained Aeronautic Engineers and MBAs who have created the first flying car. Yep you read that correctly; I said a FLYING CAR. Now the car is not as hot as the flying Delorean that hovered like a Harrier Jet to take off, but who cares, it's a flying car.

Today, the FAA provided Terrafugia with a weight exemption which will allow them to keep all the much need automobile safety features, but allowing the plane portion to be classified as a Light, Sport Aircraft. By possessing this designation, an individual would be able to obtain a license after completing a 20 hour flight course and test.

Now this unique car/plane/dream machine runs off unleaded gas, can reach road speeds of 65mph and gets about 30 mpg on the road [for you fuel conscience drivers]. In the air it will reach speeds of 115 mph and fly about 450 miles. Now I wouldn't recommend trying to fly this car to E...you know how some people do on road trips lol...but hey...IT'S A FREAKING FLYING CAR.

Everyone who knows me, knows that I'm a bit of a techie. The mere fact that I'm seeing ingenuity at work gives me a ray of hope that not everyone in this country has rolled over and technologically died. The cool thing about this flying car is it can be converted from a plane to a car within 5-10 minutes. Yea it looks a little odd, but really does it matter if you're the one driving/flying this $190,000 dream machine? This could truly revolutionize the "daily commute".

Terrafugia...Thank you for being the coolest nerds in the world and I mean that in the sincerest way. Can't wait to get behind the wheel of one these SWE-E-E-E-E-E-T *in my Carter Pewterschmidt's voice* toys.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Excerpt from Ran's Forthcoming Book - (Untitled)

As many of you know, I'm currently working on my first book. The book is scheduled to be released in a few weeks is an inspirational piece that encourages the reader to question why they are not pursuing their goals. The book consist of a series of quotes, affirmations, exercises, and daily words that one is instructed to read in a random order. This is not day to day reading, its more of read, ponder, execute then read the next page.

Here is a excerpt for your reading pleasures:

Word of the Day
The Word of the Day is “Fear”

Fear is the second leading cause of death for our dreams and success. Fear of the unknown and fear of success seem to be the two main stumbling blocks we face on this journey to our destiny.

Let’s think about “Fear of the Unknown” for a second. Question, if we have a dream we want to achieve and we step in the direction to achieve it, everything before us is unknown…correct? Now wait, if we fear the unknown in front of us, yet everything we want to accomplish lies in front of us, then that means we fear the same thing that motivates us…right? Sounds pretty silly right? Yea it does, so answer this question… “What is the real reason you fear the unknown?” Could it be that you fear failing? Maybe it’s you actually fear the fact that you may actually succeed.

A few of you may be thinking…”Who fears success”? Well you would be surprise how many get to the brink of achieving their life’s goals then pull back. Remember with success comes a whole new set of rules and if one is not mentally prepared, it could be a bit overwhelming. There are plenty examples of successful individuals who elected to bow out instead of embracing what they worked so hard to achieve.

Question, why fear the one thing you're building your goals upon? Yes you are the captain of your ship, but the more successful you are, the more help you can obtain. Bear in mind, success does not mean it’s you against the world. Success does not mean one has to be alone at the top. Will change happen the more successful you are? Yes, but if you were fearful of change, why would you endeavor to do something out of the norm?

As we walk this journey I want you to repeat that age old adage we’ve heard all our lives… “There is nothing to fear, but fear itself.” Don’t let being fearful hinder you from achieving your destiny.


I hope you enjoyed that excerpt and look forward to the book's release by the end of July.

Thank you for reading and feedback is always welcomed

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Monday, June 21, 2010

the SHOPPE: Private Sales Report is BACK!

Its Simple...this is my Private Sales Report including secret sales, sample sales and possibly, sales that you may already know about that give you savings of 60%-80% OFF. I have attached all of my invitation links so feel free to click and join these events. However, some of these sites require that you are personally be invited, BUT no need to fret, just shoot me an email at theautty@ourbloc.com and I will send you that invite. 

Editor's Closet: Cartier, Invicta (20 hrs left!), Furla Bag (9 hrs left!)
Rue La La: Cole Haan Women/Men, Miguelina, Charisma, Lake Austin Spa Resort, Free People, Steven by Steve Madden, MaxMara, Ashworth (22 hrs left!)
Hautelook: William Rast Women/Men, Hape, Kevyn Aucoin, CZ by Kenneth Jay Lane, SuperTrash, Heather Hawkins, Floatmini
One Kings Lane: Jayes, United Colors of Benetton,  Mascot, Waverly Baby, Bungalow No. 9, Lucas Studio, Inc. 
Beyond the Rack: Versace, Case-Mate, Giorgio Armani, Collective Concepts, Kowboys & Co., David & Goliath, Below the Belt, Joel Lecker Art, Ikon & Co., Donna. One More Day for: Levi's, Balenciaga, Fendi, Lola & Paige
RowNine: Holly Morgan Designs, Project Runway LTD Edition, Taverniti So Jeans, 50% OFF Ladies Watch (7 hrs left!)
Enviius: Louis Vuitton Vintage, Tip Toey Joey
Gilt Groupe: Marc Jacobs Handbags, TOCCA, Diamonds Event, Noir Jewelry & Accessories, Boutique 9, Casadei, Chris Benz, Kiki de Montparnasse, Super Sunglasses Event, littala, Mea Shadow, Jewelry by DANNIJO, Demy Lee, Yunhi, Collina Strada
Billion Dollar Babes: Gucci, One of a Kind Jewelry, Smitten
Gomatta Girls: Gridlock, Bijoux Wave
Ideeli: Fergie, Valerie, Noir, Sequoia, Evan Picone, Emilio Pucci (11 hrs left!), Lucky Brand (11 hrs left!)
The Sample Sale: High Street Fashion NY, Project E Women/Men, 
Secret Sales: EastPak, Calvin Klein, Guess by Marciano, True Religion, Buffalo, Baby Phat
Ivory Trunk: Fashion Watch Boutique, Fendi

Enjoy & Happy Shopping!

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Quote of the Day

It is better to have tried and failed than to have never tried at all.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

the Fashion BLOC: Kohl's and Aldo partner to make shoes FAB!

Today it was announced that beginning Spring 2011, Aldo Group International will design and produce exclusive footwear products to be sold at Kohl's and Kohls.com under select private and exclusive brands. Since 47% of Kohl's sales were as a result of its successful private and exclusive brand strategy in the first quarter of 2010, this team up is just taking the brand one step further. Especially, with footwear being a key growth area (no pun intended). 

According to Don Brennan, senior executive vice president at Kohl's Department Stores, "Kohl's is incredibly excited to announce this unique collaboration with Aldo, who is globally respected for its design expertise and leadership in the footwear industry."

I'm looking forward to what both brands have to offer. Besides with Aldo's Fashion and Kohl's prices, you know a maximizing shoe fashionista such as myself will be present front and center. What do you think of this unique partnership???

Courtesy of Market Watch

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the Fashion BLOC: Madewell to Open up 3 more Storefronts!

Of course, you know by now that J Crew's baby, Madewell is online as of this month (GO NOW www.Madewell.com!). Some of my fave lines (H&M, United Colors of Benetton) are still not online meaning you can only go into a store in order to get their glorious things. Hopefully, they will join Madewell in this new journey.

But for Madewell, it wasn't enough for them to make their FIRST online debut, J Crew clearly doesn't just want to stop there. In fact, they are planning 3 more storefronts for University Village in Seattle, Easton Town Center in Columbus, Ohio, and Georgetown in Washington D.C, to bring the total count of Madewell boutiques to 20 in the U.S. 

Is this the New World Madewell takeover?! I think so. Do I like it? Yes, I do. 

Courtesy of WWD

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the Fashion BLOC: Dolce & Gabbana join forces with Martini to lift "spirits"

What's better than shopping while having a drink? I'll answer that for you, not very much can beat that combo. If you feel the same way I do, you are gonna jizz at the very thought of this new partnership. None other than our fave Italian designers, Dolce & Gabbana have partnered up with Bacardi's vermouth brand, Martini for a rare but much needed match-up which includes bars at their stores in Milan and Shanghai and the launch of a menswear line. Its said they have tasted and will unveil this glorious drink during Milan's Menswear Fashion Week. What I love is that D & G is taking a non-conventional route of wine and spirits with this partnership unlike other groups who have done jewelry, perfume, hotels, etc.  It takes innovation to sustain such a brand and I can't wait to see (taste) this new venture! I'm sure we will see Madonna taking a sip in campaigns for D&G all over. 

Happy Early 20th Anniversary Dolce & Gabanna Menswear!

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Sunday, June 06, 2010

the Fashion BLOC: 5 things I love this year.................... so far

From Atlanta, Miami to Tampa, I realized there are a plethora of things I love and now can not live without:

1) All the shades of juicy RED lips! Red lipsticks and glosses have been an old fave but one I have never tried. Well, with a little nudge I got inspired. Some suggestions I have are: Chanel Rouge Hydrabase Creme in Fire, Wet N Wild Hot Red, Rimmel London Sienna Red and New York Color Sheer Ruby Lipgloss

2) Floral and striped. I know it sounds crazy but is a huge hit this year especially when its done right. It gives that quirky yet polished look, at least to me. While shopping for my vaca, I saw a girl with the assemble and immediately had to switch focus. **The key is blending the two pieces with one color from each piece

3) Chunky and Charm accessories. Usually I hate chunky accessories for the summer, but this year they are all too hot to resist! From chunky necklaces to charm bracelets, the look brings a layered look to a light clothing time of year. Check out Jackson's Runaway!

4) Short shorts. For a while there, I had given up on short shorts because I thought I had outgrown them or that they may be a little too much. But I have come to realize that as with anything, there is a science. Obviously, you don't want your butt cheeks to come out to play and you don't want them to be too tight; avoid the "wrinkle effect" in the front. As with everything, yet again, the short shorts have to be flattering and for me, they have to be fly. Lots of pockets, cool design, random color, etc. Its too many to choose from and we shouldn't shy away from it....in other words, show off those legs!

5) Lucky's tips to fix the most common FIGURE roadblocks. We all have those areas we need to work on and while we work on them or NOT why not find ways to still make them all look amazing. Hence, their tips. Check it out: Flatter Any Figure 

I'm sure there are more...but for now, these are my faves :D what's your's?

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the Walkman - Lupe Fiasco - Before There Were Lasers (Mixtape) Listen Today

Rants and Raves: Come on Lil Kim Sit Your A*# Down

by Ran

I posted this first on Twitter @RannyRan 

Sorry people, Lil Kim trying to go in on Nikki Minaj is like an old stripper trying to regain her prominence and frankly no one wants to see or hear any of it. Lil Kim was a beast back in her day and I take nothing from what she was able to accomplish in her career, but its time for Lil Kim to fall back and fade to black. 

Let me ask you this question, do you hear U2 doing press and every chance they get they're like "You know Green Day is copying our swag. I mean we were the first band to do political based rock songs." Let me answer that question for you, nah they don't. Wonder why they don't? It's because they have other things to focus their attention on instead of going around cutting the knees out of other bands. 

Next question, "when was Lil Kim's last hit album?" Wait a second that question may be too hard...let's try this one instead; "When was Lil Kim's last hit single?" Still drawing blanks or pulling up hits from pre-2000? Wait I got it, this should be real easy to answer. "When was Lil Kim's last hit anything?" LLS, yea I will let everyone marinate on that one a bit. 

I'm a fan of Lil Kim's old work, but now I'm getting to a point where I'm starting to despise Kim and all these other geriatric rappers who are belittling the hard work of these new stars. I mean seriously its as if they are like I have no retirement plan, so I'm going to get all my old ass fans to put some extra money in my pocket so I can hopefully pay my rent next week. I mean look at this video that the homie @thehoodnerd posted on his blog of Lil Kim and Keys performing in B-More. I want you to pay close attention to the hot ass dance moves.

Pretty sad right??? My sentiments exactly 

Lil Kim I appreciate everything you did for the game when you were with Bad Boy, but its a wrap. You never re-invented yourself, so your place in modern society is merely nostalgic. How about you throw some support instead of playing the angry, bitter woman role; It's just not becoming. 

Last note, no one owes you a damn thing Kim, stop saying that these women need to pay homage to you. If anyone deserves the homage all of you need to pay it to Diana Ross...but I digress. 

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Saturday, June 05, 2010

the Walkman - DJ Smoke "Coast to Coast" Vol. 128 - Hosted by Talib Kweli and Hi-tek

vidBloc: I'm Not Afraid - Eminem (Official Video)

"I'm Not Afraid" by Eminem is one of his top 5 hardest songs that he's laid down on a track. Argue with me on that if you like and I'll be more than happy to provide you with my top 5 list with this one being somewhere around 4 or 5...ready??? exactly I didn't think you were ready lol, but I digress. 

@TheHoodNerd posted a non-Youtube version to his blog and I had to add this to Ourbloc. Check it if you haven't...they played off Matrix with Em being NEO ... hot video. 

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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Quote of the Day

The hardest thing you will ever experience in life is doing something that you despise doing on a daily basis. If this is you, promise yourself that you will follow through on whatever goal you have, so you can stop the insanity. - Jouran Crosby

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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

fashion BLOC: All Hail McQueen!

Fresh out of retirement and a new model at IMG where she got her model beginnings, Tyra Banks is paying homage to her late friend, Alexander McQueen. So in order to pay tribute, Tyra wore head to toe McQueen in an over the top fashion spread for her online magazine, www.tyra.com. "McQueen was considered royalty in the fashion community," she said on her site. "I would like to think that he would have loved these photos." She also plans to continue this tribute on the latest and final season of "American Next Top Model". McQueen took his own life in February. Great job Tyra!

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Monday, May 31, 2010

the Vid Bloc: Lil Wayne ft Nikki Minaj - Knock Out

Ok I will admit that I've been a proverbial non-believer in the Young Money movement, but I think they've finally secretly won me over. The music coming out of this camp right now is hot. I know "hip hop purist" from across the globe are like "WTFE" to Young Money and pretty much any artist receiving an abundance of commercial radio airplay, but you have to admit this one thing...Lil Wayne has put together a team of juggernauts.

The critics have been less than kind towards Lil Wayne's "Rebirth" experiment album, but who really cares what critics have to say anyway? I love to write reviews and I'm excited when people comment on my reviews, however, I understand a review is nothing more than a goblet of Haterade or bowl of KissAssness. 

Damn I went on a tangent there lol .... bring it back Ran ... bring it back 

My bad I lost that important thingamabob called a point lol. Oh yea here it is, the point is Lil Wayne's experiment was actually pretty decent. Check out the below video release of "Knock Out" - Lil Wayne ft Nikki Minaj.

It's a fun playful song and video; but the Birdman cameo in the middle of the video almost killed it for me. Birdman should understand when to do his best impersonation of Lil Wayne's stunt double and when to just post up and play Martin Scorsese by sitting behind the scenes. This was one of those times where he should of been Casper and got ghost, but again I digress.

Hot song and sick guitar runs. Looking forward to more music from this team. 

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Random Rants and Rave: Ode to Going For It

by Ran

[setting scene...Man sitting on the couch watching a Diddy Interview]

"Why can't that be me? I mean I throw parties all the time. I go ham on Twitter and I got a FB fan page. I'm hotter than Diddy, but everyone is always on his nuts because he's Diddy. It's cool my day will come I guess."

[scene freezes...cut away to narrator]

Does this sound familiar? Has someone sipped from the goblet of anger filled to the brim with Haterade? If this scene plays out every time you see someone "famous" ask yourself:

- What are they doing that I'm not doing?
- How often did they focus on what someone else was doing and not on their own goals?

Be sure to answer these questions honestly; if you can't be honest with yourself then your life will always be a lie. Final question, now ask yourself how much time do I dedicate to pursuing my goals? More often than not, one will see that they spend more time focused on what everyone else is doing rather than on what's important...YOU.

Marinate on that a bit...don't worry I'll wait [in my Kat Williams voice]

[camera pans to the left and zooms in on narrator]

What do you do? Well one of two decisions can be made.

1) You can either sit there, crack open that case of Haterade, turn to the next channel and get back to perfecting your Uncle Rukus impersonation


2) Run to the bathroom and piss that Haterade out of your system and get to work. No one will take action on your dreams, but you.

It does not matter what you dare to dream, just dare to dream and pursue them damn it. What ails our economy, our world, our well being is many of us are scared to try and pursue our dreams. Don't expect anything positive will happen if you don't put action behind your dreams. Remember this one thing...

[camera pulls back to a wide shot]

Gather all the advice you want, but with out action, all one has is information.

[scene unfreezes and the man sits there just staring at a blank screen...narrator speaks off screen]

No is your turn to write the ending to this soliloquy

See you soon good people and remember Live it, Love it, Share it 

Friday, May 14, 2010

Random Rant and Rave: The Preverbial Rat Race

By Ran

It's amazing that with the continued negative sentiment, our elected officials are still sitting dormant ignoring the true factor that will stimulate our economy...Small Business. I can not fathom why we as a country continue to look to over bloated large businesses as our economic saving grace when they are too big or to set in their ways to excite anything. It seems as if Washington wants to continue to feed us cheese so we as a people can run right into the rat trap. I guess that's the outcome when your political system is run by an abundance of old farts who have to take multiple daily naps before making a decision about anything.

Picture this, it's 2010; unemployment is 9.9%; the World's economy is shaky, and we're on the brink of a massive Global Depression. You have oil spills here, wars there, stock market glitches up top and everyone's bank account in the toilet...hmm 10 years ago this would of been a Hollywood blockbuster instead, it's our reality. I'm far from a Teabagger, but I do agree that government (Republican and Democrat) have completely fck'd this economic recovery up. We needed a Keynesian strategy, we needed a Monetary strategy, now we need a supply-demand strategy without Keynesian being in play. Government's around the World are spending all this time "stabilizing" their currency with imaginary balance sheet money, but not passing encouraging laws that will actually do something freaking meaningful.

The World hates economic bubbles, but wait our whole economic system is bubble making machine. Here's the true problem...we generate bubbles that create huge incomes and idiots go and spend more than they make, so when the bubble burst now it's everybody's fault, but their own. I have a resolution for all...how about we aim to grow the most massive bubble in the world to save us from the brink of destruction, but tell everyone to ummm SAVE!!!!...wonderful concept huh. I hear you pundits... "if we do that we will drive up inflation" hell it beats the massive deflation we are seeing now. Hmm, we increase minimum wage, but then decrease the competition through closure, while continuing to decrease the cost of goods...that equals no profits to the big guys, thus resulting in a rise in unemployment. Amazingly you Wharton School graduates are really using the knowledge you were provided...blasphemy to such a great school, but I digress. Slight inflation will be good for the economy right now, if old farts start encouraging Small business growth. Right now no one can see their way out of a open paper bag; why because the people who run these countries are coached in theory not practice.

It's like this folks...you want things to change we have to make it happen ourselves. Stop waiting for your wonderful millionaire elected official to write some fascinating piece of legislation that will miraculously ignite the World economy and save all of us. Forget the Wal-mart's and Bank of America's of the world and start doing business with the mom and pops and community banks. Stop bad mouthing and start encouraging new, small business development GLOBALLY.

To all the small business owner's out there... you want things to change...stop charging like you're a big organization with 15,000 employees. Decrease your price and expand your market territory and stop looking for he guy who's going to give you a boatload of debt to force you out of business 3 years from now. You want to bring the big guy to his or her knees...it's called "Competition" and with the invention of a secret tool called the "Internet" you can compete...so stop crying and start doing.

Thanks for reading my Rant and Rave...take care and feel free to comment. Hey you do have a voice why be scared to use it????

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Quote of the Day

to obtain true freedom you have to purse what makes you happy...who said you have to be miserable to make money? - Jouran Crosby

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Quote of the Day

Success is not something that just happens, it's something that is created.... - Jouran Crosby

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Quote of the Day

The greatest pursuit of happiness is going after one's dreams. - Jouran Crosby

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Fashion BLOC: And the Winner is....

Congrats to Seth Aaron for winning Project Runway's Season 7!

Looking forward to what Seth Aaron has to offer! CONGRATS!

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the Fashion BLOC: Style of the Week - "Sample Sale Love"

OURBLOC's Style of the Week: NickieSixx

Courtesy of StreetStyle.com

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Friday, April 16, 2010

the Fashion BLOC: Style of the Week - "Euro Cowgirl"

OURBLOC's Style of the Week: Effie


Courtesy of StreetStyle.com

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Friday, April 09, 2010

the Fashion BLOC: Style of the Week - "SLD"

OURBLOC Style of the Week:  Na2ta3zh4a

Courtesy of StreetStyle.com

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the Picture House: Sex and the City 2 Trailer & More Buzz

With SATC2 quickly approaching its only fair that a huge fan like myself give all my fellow fans some buzz on what's in store for the part 2. However, if you're anything like me; you've tried very hard to avoid all trailers and buzz but needless to say, they make it very hard for you to guess anything anyway. Cast: Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie), Kim Cattrall (Samantha), Kristin Davis (Charlotte), and Cynthia Nixon (Miranda) have been promoting like crazy and I am soooo looking forward to the sequel.

The cast told MTV the part 2 is set 2 years later and Carrie is about to publish her fourth book. "She is content," Sarah Jessica Parker teased. "She and her husband, John, have found a nice and modest apartment, and they are living their lives, and she is seeing her friends as much as time allows." Vague? Yes, but as you know thats SJP's style.

As for Charlotte, SJP said she is still married to Harry and is "still comfortable with the name Goldenblatt."

Kristin Davis added a little bit more information to that domesticated image. "I have two children now. [Lily] is two years older than last time. [Charlotte's] been baking," she said.

But Charlotte and Carrie aren't the only "Sex" characters that had remained happily married. Cynthia Nixon shared that Miranda is still happily married as well.

"Miranda only has one child. [She's] married to Steve, living in Brooklyn, still employing Magda, still working as a lawyer, still having brunch with the ladies," Cynthia said.

SJP said Samantha is happily married as well — to her public relations business.

SJP also told Indian Express, "It [SATC2] has the cinematic scope of Laurence of Arabia. But it is a romp. It's a caper. It's a caper with heart. I never in a million years thought we would be in the dunes of the Sahara desert, shooting a movie, on camels, dressed in the most inappropriate clothes and in heels," which you can totally get from the previews. The stills from Abu Dhabi are enchanting yet almost random for SATC but who knows where this takes the 4 soul mates.

ON the other HAND, the theatrical trailer gives you an antsy Carrie bored with married life, a possible Stanford and Anthony wedding with a Miley Cyrus performance, a definite reunion with Aidan which equals trouble, some NEW cutie for Samantha, not to mention, some fab fashions from Patricia Field. All I can say is, is it May 28th yet?


Courtesy of MTV , Indian Express

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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

the SHOPPE: My Spring Wishlist!


Signature S&B gather maxi dress has elasticised cage bodice with skirt
sitting at the hips. Gather ties allow this dress to transition from
long to short. Light weight skirt is in an animal faded Black & Ivory

Please Note: The cage bodice is wholly sheer and is pictured here with a white tee. So grab you a tee or bodysuit and style it up with some gladiator sandals and there you go.

Courtesy of MyCatwalk.com
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Sunday, April 04, 2010

the Vid Bloc: Coach Huggins of West Virginia on the Court Consoling Da'Sean Butler

I've always considered Coach Huggins to be one of the greatest coaches in the game, but what he did last night, showed the world he is more than just a coach...he's human. To run on the court and console a player after what appears to be a devastating knee injury shows that he truly cares about his players.

Da'Shaun get healthy soon... 

Friday, April 02, 2010

the Vid Bloc: Keri Hilson Forgets the Lyrics to the National Athemn

WTF its only the most played and sung song in the nation and you couldn't get it right...wow no national pride what so ever...


the Fashion BLOC: Style of the Week - "The Art of Layering"

OURBLOC Style of the Week: JunkGenius

Courtesy of StreetStyle.com

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the Vid Bloc: Rude Boy By Rhi Rhi

This song is soooo back to the original Rhi Rhi we all know and love. So glad to hear! Gotta love the raunchiness, the sexiness, and the playfulness of the video and the song...Check it OUT!

Courtesy of @NerdBanditz Apparel on Twitter

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

the Internal Memo: Guess Who's Back????

Rants and Raves is back and I promise to push the envelop to the per-verbal limits. I will be in your face and unapologetic about my comments. Will I piss people off???? Yes...if I don't that means I'm not doing my job.

Are you ready?

First Rant and Rave post this week and it's about ObamaCare. I've voted Blue all my life, so my thoughts will be very interesting.

Come back and challenge my positions

Yours Truly,

Ranny Ran

Friday, March 26, 2010

the Fashion BLOC: Style of the Week - "Random Vintage"

OURBLOC's Style of the Week: Teresa Brown

Wearing: Vintage Dress, Vintage Bustier, Giuseppe Zanotti Design Heels

Courtesy of LuckyMag.com

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

the SHOPPE: Awesome 1-Day Deal!

Today only, save 50% on this Five Ring Set made with an unexpected-cool mix of metals, gems, and textures. Wear them individually or stacked together. Check em' out...
Regular price: $450

BUT because of my love of Lucky Mag, they are offering a Lucky Breaks price of $225 and I had to pass it on to you!

How to get it: Log on to honeyintheroughstore.com and enter "luckydaily4" at checkout.

Offer is valid from 11:00 a.m. ET on March 25, 2010, to 10:59 a.m. ET on March 26, 2010, or while supplies last.


Courtesy of LuckyMag.com

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

the SHOPPE: My Spring Wishlist!

Giuseppe Zanotti Black Nappa Studded Peep Toe wedge pumps $660

Courtesy of Bluefly.com

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

the Fashion BLOC: Beat Your Heels Before They Beat You!

Courtesy of Heels.com

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Monday, March 22, 2010

the Fashion BLOC: My Spring Wishlist

100% Cotton Broderie cup sundress with zip front detail, $70.00.

Courtesy of TopShop.

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the Fashion BLOC: Project Runway "Street Love"

Congrats to Emilio and Seth Aaron for winning Episode 9: 'Takin' it to the Street'! In this episode, the designers had to team up again to make 2 looks based upon some of NYC's well-known neighborhoods. 

Here are the winning Harlem-inspired looks:

PR is nearing its end and still no win from Maya but there is still time to prove. Check out the Scorecard on MyLifetime.com:

Project Runway Scorecard | myLifetime.com

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Friday, March 19, 2010

fashion BLOC: Style of the Week - "Effortless Chic"

OURBLOC's Style of the Week: Olivia L from StreetStyle.com

Wearing: Plaid from Urban Outfitters, Lace up boots from Buffalo Exchange, American Apparel black dress, H&M Briefcase from Goodwill, Nars Heat Wave lipstick

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fashion BLOC: Tarnished Hardware - No Biggie!

We've all went through it and probably gotten rid of some of our fave bags just because the hardware (clasps or grommets) get an ugly black tarnish or get scuffed. According to handbag designer, Heather Hawkins, "use a Krylon metallic leafing pen to draw over the area." Of course, try it out on a spot where no one can see to make sure the colors match but you should be good to go from there and your bag should look like new! 

Pens come in Gold and Copper Leafing Pens, $6.99 each at KMart or $4.25 on Amazon.

Happy Styling!

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

the Stadium: 2010 March Madness #1 Seeds

Kansas Jayhawks are the #1 Seed overall

Kentucky Wildcats

Duke Blue Devils

Syracuse Orangeman

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