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Saturday, November 14, 2009

the SHOPPE: Beyond the Rack Sale 11/14 -11/16!

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Friday, November 13, 2009

the Vid Bloc: Friday Mega Mix to get Your Day Going

Kid Cudi - Simple As

Wiz Khalifa ft Kev Da Hustler - Hello Kitty

Better Life Riddim

Music Editor: Dayne Dash
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Quote of the Day

"Stay focused on your goal. Never lose sight of the good things in life. If you've got problems, Let go & Let God"

Quote provided by @Trelife5031 from Twitter

Thursday, November 12, 2009

the Stoop: Another Dumb Rapper Screws Up His Second Chance

Well GUCCCIIII beat a Murder Charge, got probation and guess what...yep his freedom was not enjoyable, so off to jail he goes. Reportedly, the rapper known as "Gucci Mane" was sent back to Fulton County Jail for only completing 25 of the 600 hours of community service he received for his assault charge. He was sentenced to 1 year in prison and immediately taken into custody.

When will the Hip Hop community grasp the fact that going to jail is not a badge of honor? I can go down the list of Rap Artists that have gone in and out of jail over the last 20 years. I can not fathom what makes an individual become rich beyond their dreams, have millions of fans around the globe, win numerous awards and accolades for spitting over a beat, but still feel the need to act as if they have no home training. Regardless, if they choose to be one or not, these individuals are role models and continue to perpetuate a negative example to young, impressionable minds. Seriously Grow the Hell UP

I am hip hop and hip hop is me, but the Hip Hop Industry is failing me. The legacy that hundreds worked hard to establish is being tainted by all not just a random few. I won't say hip hop is the most positive of music, but the same can be said about most genres with the exception of Gospel and Inspirational. The difference between Hip Hop and other genres is Hip Hop Artists feel they need to uphold a stereotype to generate street creed among individuals who don't care either way. What's happening is you have studio gangsters trying to be real thugs to sell an album thus creating a revolving door. A door that goes from the streets, to a label deal, to multi-platinum sales, and then off to jail.

No one says "...my goal in life is to go to jail", but everyone sets a life goal to be rich and famous. I guess somewhere along the way these artists got the message twisted. Seriously, fellas...ladies...save hip hop by demanding our artists act as if they have some sense.

Written by: Ran
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fashion BLOC: Pack that Jewelry - Tangle - Free!

One Word: Plastic Bag. 

I know, I know.....you're probably saying WTF Autty?! But seriously, get a seal-top plastic bag to pack up your necklaces. Pack the pendant part or pack half of the necklace into the bag and seal as much as possible, letting the remainder hang freely out the bag. Seriously, no tangles. I do it every time I travel and trust me no tangles. I mean look at the drama in that pic.....do you really wanna deal with that? :-D 

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the SHOPPE: Beyond the Rack Sale 11/12 -11/15!

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Quote of the Day

"Success without fulfilment is failure" - Tony Robbins 

Quote provided by @TheSharkDaymond on Twitter

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

the SHOPPE: HauteLook Sales 11/11!

Today's Sale from HauteLook UP TO 50% off American Apparel Men and Women and Thompson London's Cuff Links!

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Courtesy of HAUTELOOK
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the Outer Limits: The Most Bizarre Employee Requests

CareerBuilder surveyed an array of U.S. Hiring Managers to see what the most bizarre, unique, or memorable requests ever made by their employees. To their surprise, CareerBuilder received over 2,900 such requests from their respondents. Below is a selection of the funniest or most outrageous memorable requests received.

Request to allow people to change clothes in their cubicles.
Request to add a tanning bed to the break room.
Request to put beer in the vending machine.
Request that jail time be covered under family medical leave.
Request to institute bikini Fridays.
Request to only be required to work during daylight hours because employee is scared of the dark.
Request for a special smoking area for medical marijuana.
Request that the HR person wear nicer shoes.
Request for more time off to pursue side business as a clown.
Request to replace his desk with a futon so employee could lay down and work.
Request that the lactation room with gliding chair be used for naps, so everyone can use it.
Request to install a swimming pool for employees to use.
Request to have the team meeting to be held in Hawaii.

Makes you wonder what the heck were these people thinking when they made their request...lol. I especially like the "Request for more time off to pursue side business as a clown" hey the worst they can say is No lol. I wonder if the HR department’s response was to that request LOL.

Quick question, what place has people seeing the insides of a jail so frequently that they make a "Request that jail time be covered under Family Medical Leave"...LMAO SMH. Can you say where a bulletproof vest if you plan to work at that company LOL.

This just made my day!!!! Thanks CareerBuilder

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Written by: Ran
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Happy Veteran's Day

Happy Veteran's Day to every Soldier that's serving currently, served, or died for country. Without you our great land would not be safe and for that OURBLOC.com says Thank You!

the Walkman: Wednesday Morning Mix

Wow is all I have to say ...Dayne Dash and I put together some new Hip Hop, R&B and Reggae heat for you this morning. This is definitely a must listen on repeat.

Enjoy ....

Collaboration done by: Music Editor: Dayne Dash and Editor: Ran
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Quote of the day

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." —Philippians 4:13
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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

the Stoop: Lordy, Lordy Look Who's 40

Back in the day when I was young, I remember eating my Cream of Wheat and singing "Rubber Ducky You're the One...You Make My Bath Time So Much Fun..." That was one of my favorite songs from Sesame Street. Oh Oh Oh or what about, I think it was the numbers pinball game; you know..  *singing* "1 2 3 4 -4-4- 5 6 7 8 9 10 --- 11 12 .... 1 2 3 4 5 -- 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 ... " Those that remember this song are bobbing their heads right now saying ... "AHHHH that's my joint right there". I can't believe the Street has been around for 40 years.

*Singing in my Stevie Wonder voice" Hap Pe Birth day to you... Hap Hap pE Birth day to you... Happy Birthdayyyyy." Sometimes you wonder how many kids have been touched globally but the gang that lived on Sesame Street. It was pretty cool how they tried to represent many different personalities, ethnic groups, age ranges, and sexes. One can only respect Sesame Street for trying to impress upon a younger generation the importance of equality and education. I don't think anyone wants to imagine where the U.S. would be without shows like Sesame Street, Reading Rainbow, 3-2-1 Contact, Pinwheel, etc to name a few.

I don't have any kids yet, but when I begin to grow my stable, I plan to make them a bowl of Cream of Wheat, pop in a DVD and sing Rubber Ducky, count the number of bats on the wall with the Count, devour a plate of cookies with Cookie Monster, or laugh at everyone's homie Oscar the Grouch (lol).

Happy Birthday Sesame Street...hope you make it another 40 years.

Written by: Ran
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the SHOPPE: My Fall Wishlist!

Who's feeling generous?

tweed boyfriend blazer

No matter what, I could never find a boyfriend blazer that I just dig for its subtleness but Fred Flare felt me with their.... Good ol' boyfriend blazer minus the boyfriend with that slouchy fit that we all love, random pinstripe lining and other minor, significant details all girls can love.

Happy Shopping ;-p

Courtesy of Fred Flare
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the Shoppe: DJ Drama and Wyclef's EP Now in Stores

We first brought you the single "Warriors Anthem" by Wyclef which was an re-introduction of the man that brought us hit after hit. Next we posted the mixtape "Patwa Swagga" where Wyclef paid homage to his favorite 90s dancehall songs only in a way Wyclef could do it.

Shortly thereafter, Wyclef and his team provided OURBLOC.com with three exclusive leaks from a musical montage, skillfully produced by Mr. Thanksgiving himself, DJ Drama. The EP anticipation reached a climatic peak after Wyclef blew through the 1,000,000 followers threshold on Twitter.

Now the wait is finally over!

DJ Drama Presents Wycelf Jean: Toussaint St. Jean - From The Hut, To The Projects To The Mansion.

Wyclef takes us on a lyrical journey of how he evolved as a man, an artist, and humanitarian. Along this journey, Wyclef and DJ Drama invited a few friends such as Eve, Lil' Kim, Timberland and the great Cyndi Lauper to help paint the full picture of his life's travels.

Right now my early favorite is "Slumdog Millionaire" which features Cyndi Lauper as the Luscious Loo Loo. The beat is hard, the lyrical delivery is sick. This song is definitely radio ready, however, I highly doubt that this track will make it there; which is truly unfortunate...but I digress

Another early favorite is the album's final track "The Shottas". It's an atypical roots track that we have all come to expect on every Wyclef album. "From the Hut, To the Projects, To the Mansion"  is an excellent prelude to Wyclef's highly anticipated studio project scheduled for a March 2010 release. I can not wait to finish listening to the full project in its entirety, but so far, its great addition to his musical library.

You can listen and buy "DJ Drama Presents Wyclef Jean: Toussaint St. Jean - From The Hut, To The Projects To The Mansion" on Amazon.com by clicking below.

While there, be sure to build or replace those missing Wyclef projects.

Wyclef's website: http://www.wyclef.com/
Follow Wyclef on Twitter @Wyclef
Link to Wyclef's Charity Yele Haiti - http://www.yele.org/

written by: Ran
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Quote of the Day

"The only way that you can measure yourself is in the amount of love you give yourself."

Quote provided by @SerendipityJane

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Monday, November 09, 2009

pic of the day: Say it ain't so Sammy... Say it ain't so

Looks like Sammy has taken a page out of the late great King of Pop's book, by bleaching his skin. Why would anyone do this...I have no idea

Photo courtesy of http://www.thegrio.com/

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fashion BLOC: Style of the Week:" Urban Rebel"

Name: Chaztiney Cloud
Age: 19

'Cali Girl'

What she loves about her style: "The thing that I love most about my style is its mine , I don't care what people think about it , I don't care if its what's in or not; if it fits me nice I wear it . No matter what "season" the style was in. I'm very comfortable with myself."
MY TAKE: why this works?? Chaztiney takes urban rebel to everyday Cali...Her gear is lively and innovative and don't get me started on those fab Purple peep toe flats with the random bow that bring her outfit full circle. I dig Cali Girl's style because its all hers. :-D Get it!! Follow Chaztiney on Twitter @Chaztiney

Check out more of OURBLOC.COM's Style of the Week every week!


Written By: Autty
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the VID Bloc: Taylor Swift's SNL Monolouge

This was pretty funny

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the SHOPPE: Editors' Closet Sales this Week!

Below are the Editors' Closet sales for the week! Remember to send me your email address to theautty@ourbloc.com so I can refer you and you can join the sales! 

Happy Shopping ;-p


Courtesy of Editors' Closet
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Quote of the Day

"Nothing is more conducive to peace of mind than not having any opinions at all." —G. C. Lichtenberg

Quote provided by @RobertWisdom from Twitter

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