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Saturday, December 05, 2009

the Sweet Shoppe: Kissezzz

OURBLOC.com would like to introduce the World to Kalia the Model:

Hello World! my name is Kalia, born and raised in Cincinnati. as a child i was very shy and decided to give it a go at modeling. I loved it and decided, when i get out of high school thats what i wanted to pursue. I just fell in love with it. im the youngest of six siblings and was pretty much raised with just one parent. love MA to death.

Typical Question - Modeling Influences ... Who are they?

I'm influenced by a lot of positive iconic models, and new faces of today. My tops would have to be Iman and Tyra Banks, lol. about five years ago i mentioned to someone, that i wanted to be the first model to have a talk show. well u know the rest. "great minds think alike" and the fact that she is about women empowerment and helping young girls build positive self esteem. Iman im influenced by her because she branched out into other ventures, and that is something that i want to accomplish.

If you could shoot with any still image taker who would that be?
It would be someone with someone that stretches my limits and exposes me to new elements, that i wouldn't have never thought of.

Any upcoming projects?

I have a couple of Photoshoots coming up in the next couple of weeks, be on the look out fa that. and hopefully many more.

The public believes models never eat, but what about you? Do you pig out or are you more of a bird eater?

Public cracks me up, with me having a petite frame people assume i dont eat. but lol. hunny i pig out! i never understood the bird eating thing. i wanna tell em, i know you hungry, eat some more.

What are your hobbies, interest, etc?

I love to dance to reggae, hip hop, and r and b. music. i love music, it gets me through alot. drawing clothing designs is something i do on the side, chatting it up with my family and close friends on the phone having a good laugh. and writing in my journal, that helps me vent and get that raw emotion out.

Do you have a website? If so, where can your fans find you on the net?

yes. you can hit me up on www.myspace.com/l33l3 , www.modelmayhem.com/kaliawillis mocospace www.mocospace.com/kissez23 and you can also follow me on twitter www.twitter.com/kissezzz513

What's your Facebook Fan page url?
i don't have a fan page, but i do have a Facebook.www.facebook.com/kissezzz513

How can people book you if they want to use you? What do you take bookings for at this time?
If you want to contact me about a booking, you can reach me by email Kissezzz513@aol.com I take bookings for photoshoots, promotion, fashion show, and back up dancers

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Interview Conducted by: Chrystiana (OURBLOC.com Model Editor)
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Rant and Rave: Million Dollar Men Acting Like Babies

On 12/3, Young Jeezy, Gucci Mane and DJ Drama had a live chat on Atlanta's Hot 107.9 to air the dirty laundry, squash the rumors and finally smash their overall disagreements with hopes to further their business relationships. I listened to much of the interview, but eventually changed the internet dial after being overwhelmed by extreme boredom. Unfortunately, this is just re-hashing the same dull story that happens in hip hop over and over again.

What's so dull about this storyline is you have men who are multi-millionaires arguing over school girl disputes. Oh you played a record when I said don't play it. Or you said something about me and it pissed me off. I mean I can go on and on, but why bother? All it will show is the Hip Hop Community needs to grow the heck up. I mean do you see Bill Gates holding press conferences to say I hate you Larry Ellison (CEO of Oracle)? Do you see Pepsi throwing proverbial pot shots at Coca Cola saying "...you're dead if I see you in the streets?" Will you ever see Donald Duck say to Mickey Mouse "...that's why I smashed Minnie Mouse you over bloated super star?" Let me answer both of these questions...NO! Granted companies/company personnel may not like one another, but at the end of the day they will not hinder their profit potential by doing something dumb.

One can say that the Hip Hop genre is probably the most counter productive, prima-dona industry filled with individuals who will use kiddie bull to hype album and merchandise sales. Jay-Z and Nas for years was the most storied hype; now you have Jay-Z and 50. You also have 50 and Fat Joe, 50 and Rick Ross, hell let's just say 50 and the whole Industry...lol...but I digress. The point I'm getting at is this...the Hip Hop Industry has been able to shore up balance sheets for the music industry for a number of years. Thousands have been able to turn their rags story into millionaire dreams, but I guess that growth came with the absence of maturity.

Here's a suggestion for changing the industry. Let's do this, everyone who is hyping their beef or squashing beef for the sake of relevancy...let's put them all in a ring and do this gladiator style. Beat the hell out of each other, cry, scream, act like little school girls for all I care. Once you leave the Gladiator's Circle since a pact to act like a adult and execute business decisions accordingly. I'm not saying you can not like one another, but leave it behind closed doors or to your own personal circle. If you feel beef sells, then maybe you should get out of Hip Hop and start a rewarding career as a butcher. This way one will have access to all the beef they want.

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Written by: Ran
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Friday, December 04, 2009

Pic Of the Day: "Cat Burglar Barbie" By Christian Louboutin

Just one question: Can I borrow a pair? ;-) Geesh.


Courtesy of Ideeli
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Quote of the Day

You are what you think...think and act on positive thoughts and you will enjoy a positive life full of accomplishments. 

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Thursday, December 03, 2009

the Stadium: Hilarious Football Play

What was this Florida State Lineman thinking lol ... I guess he was like "...if I sit here long enough I really will become invisible..." LMAO Hilarious lol

Notice how he never moved even after the play was done ... LMAO ... seriously I think this was a case of him trying to avoid sharting himself by not running lol.

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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

the Internal Memo: Congratulations Mayor Kasim Reed

OURBLOC.com would like to congratulate Kasim Reed on winning the Atlanta Mayoral Race.

Looking forward to hearing what's first for execution on the agenda. The Metro Area's revitalization depends solely on the City of Atlanta getting back on track. In my opinion, first two topics on the agenda should be addressing the Atlanta tax rate. Look at lowering the Atlanta property tax rate to encourage residential and commercial growth rates. Under Mayor Shirley Franklin's tenure she took both to max levels and pushed much of Atlanta's tax revenue base to Cobb and Dekalb.

Secondly, repeal the alcohol pouring guidelines that Mayor Shirley Franklin enforced. Atlanta's growth was due to the fact that the City offered a consistent nightlife for Atlanta's Young Professionals and Retirees. Mayor Franklin muddy those revenue streams and now the City is has lost Millions in Tourism Revenue over her 8 years. I'm sure restaurant, nightclub owners and social life businesses would not mind paying a 2% Security tax to have the chance to return to a safe environment in the heart of Atlanta. I ask that if this Security tax plan is implemented to not all it to be porked to death, but to allow it only go to increasing a Police presence around the Midtown, Buckhead and Hotel district areas.

Congratulations again Mayor Reed on your win.

Written by: Ran
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Quote of the Day

If you have to live your life through others, then that means you need to discover how to get one - Jouran Crosby

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the Stadium: The Woods Family Deserves Their Privacy

It's no surprise the media jumped all over the Tiger Woods story since a second statement was released this morning. Everyone has an opinion, the World is demanding a response, but I believe Tiger Woods only owes one group a response; that's his wife Elin and his family.

Regardless of popular belief, the circulating infidelity accusations have not been validated or denied. It's not our place as fans, people, individuals to judge him or his actions. Since I've elected to not judge Tiger, this does not mean I condone what may have allegedly occurred, however, I will not use OURBLOC.com or any other forum to trash the reported information. Tiger Woods is a person...he's a human being just like you and I. The World built this pedestal of praise for him and all he did was go out and do his job as the #1 Golfer in the World. If the accusations are correct, all Tiger did was show the World one of his many flaws. There was only one perfect human to walk the face of the earth and his name was not Tiger Woods.

Debate the issue around the water cooler or over a cup of coffee amongst your inner circle, but leave it there. Regardless of how bad the World desires to know the details of this individual's private life, it should remain just that ... PRIVATE. This will be our only blurb on the Tiger Woods infidelity story. For me, the story only has a basis to incite celebrity trash gossip and comedic pop shots. The truly unfortunate aspect of this story is the World would rather focus on Tiger Woods' infidelity rather than the many developing news lines that are of greater impact to our actual way of living.

Final note, ever wonder why the News Media never circulates more positive story lines? The mere fact that people are tuning in to every channel that mentions Tiger Woods is a prime example. Smut sells and it will never change until we demand more from our media personnel.

Written by: Ran
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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

fashion BLOC: How to pull off over-the-knee boots!

Thanks to Lucky Mag, Here's a tip to learn how to pull off over-the-knee boots!

Courtesy of Lucky Mag

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Monday, November 30, 2009

Quote of the Day

"Great minds have purposes, others have wishes" - Washington Irving

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Quote provided by @DJTommyGunzNJ from Twitter