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Saturday, August 15, 2009

the STOOP: Independent Artists Wanted

The hardest feat to tackle for any artist is gaining significant exposure to their music. For the talented ones, there will always be an array of individuals that will say they can raise your profile, get your CD into the hands of decision-makers, get you on the radio, etc. The unfortunate situation is that more often than not these individuals never deliver. On the flip side, when someone has the ability to bring exposure to the talented, one has to jump on board fast. He has delivered and now LaProfecy is offering a great situation for Talented Independent Artists.
(downloads available on www.datpiff.com)
LaProfecy is a Mixtape DJ that moves on average 40,000 units per release and a AllHipHop.com writer/contributor that is heavy in the game. A week ago LaProfecy announced he was launching an all Indie Artist mixtape that will receive primary front page placement on one of the top mixtape and music websites, Datpiff.com. Regardless of how hot an unsigned artist may think they are, placement like this will always escape them unless they have a connection; well here is your connect.
Rappers, Singers, and Managers if you or your artist is serious about being apart of LaProfecy newest project contact him at 917.512.3187. You can also follow LaProfecy on twitter @laprofecy. Visit Datpiff.com to download LaProfecy's latest mixtapes: Piff on Wax Part 18 and Sex on Wax Part 1.
OURBLOC.com Disclaimer: If you are an artist really trying to make it, then you need to hit him up. If you are one of those fake it until make it, I walk around and say I am an artist to get women, then just keep walking down the BLOC and try and find someone else who cares.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

VID BLOC: Drake Offers Up An Apology to Sylvia Rhone (Motown)

Some might wonder why there was a need for Drizzy to apologize to Motown Label President Sylvia Rhone. Well the situation stems from an interview in Fader Magazine and a mixtape track. Drake apparently ripped Motown a new one in the article by saying that he is not f-n with them and that he is signed to Universal Republic. Well according to Sohh.com, joke may be on Drake and it looks as if Drake is actually distributed by Motown and Republic. It didn't end there; prior to Drizzy signing with Young Money, Cash Money, Motown, Universal he lyrically slapped the taste out of Sylvia Rhone's mouth when he spat this on a track "...I've always been something that these labels can't buy/especially if they trying to take a piece of my soul/and Sylvia be telling Tez/D*mn, Drake fly/and he just be like, 'silly motherf**ka I know'". WOW!!!! now that right there is crazy ish and hella bold for then an unsigned artist looking for a major deal to say about a heavy weight in the business. I am sure the fire has been turned up by the label heads at Cash Money and Lil Wayne [Young Money] for Drake to come out and say something and try to stitch the open wounds. Now whether it scabs over and creates a nasty scar or heals perfectly will be determined by the number of units he actually sells, in my opinion. Watch the video below; do you think he is remorseful? Jury's still out on how sincere he is, but I understand where his heat is coming from though. It's not hard to see both sides of the fence in this situation, but but but, in this game it seems Drake's situation plays out way to often. Well the world and the hip hop community will be watching, but its a good first step to mending the wounds between the employee and employer. written by @rannyran on Twitter

BLOC NEWS: Michael Vick is now an Eagle

Details are still coming out, but according to multiple sources, Michael Vick is now a Philadelphia Eagle. The Eagles are definitely contenders now especially with Vick back under center as a potential backup to Donavan McNabb. If the Eagles attempt to run any drills out of the wildcat formation, they have a arsenal now to execute with precision. Now the Eagles have not made any indication that this will be an offense they will run, but with the Wildcat becoming popular in NFL playbooks, one can only imagine what's in store for this lackluster offense. Again more details available soon, but Mike Vick ... Congratulations from OURBLOC.com and make it count.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

BLOC NEWS: VIBE is Back on the Clock

It's being reported by various media sites that a private equity firm purchased Vibe Magazine and Vibe.com. The firm stated that they anticipate Vibe Magazine will be up and running by the fall and will primarily focus on developing it's digital properties. At this moment in time, no additional details have been provided. We can only hope that the new owners will push the creative boundaries of the website and change Vibe.com from a boring mundane site.

The Arcade: Are You Ready For Some Football?

August 14th is a big day and I am sure every gamer in the United States will be standing in line waiting to get their hands on the new Madden 10. According to Maddennfl.easports.com here are the new features on the game:

Pro–Tak This all new animation technology provides unprecedented control over the outcome of every play. Drag defenders towards the first down marker, including up to 9-man gang tackles, fight for a fumble at the bottom of the pile, and evade the rush with all-new quarterback avoidance actions. Enhanced play at the line of scrimmage features a new blocking system that allows the quarterback to step into the pocket and gives the defensive line more control over the rush.

Fight for Online Dominance Battle for franchise dominance online with leagues of 32 teams. Featuring real NFL scheduling, live drafts, player transactions, league message boards, and more - all manageable from your console or your league's custom web page online. Your Madden NFL 10 online franchise is always just a click away.

Online Co-Op For the first time in franchise history, team up with a friend online and battle against the CPU. Work on game strategy, practice plays and experience the game from a new point of view with position-specific camera angles.

Unprecedented Authenticity Referees peeling players off a fumble pile, the chain gang rushing in to measure for a key first down, authentic throwing and kicking styles, and all-new player equipment ensure that if you see it on Sunday, you'll see it in Madden NFL 10.
There are several more enhancements, but I am sure you get the drift that this game and the features are definitely going to be off the chart. Thursday evening I will have my headset on, controller in had, beer next to me, and Madden 10 on the screen. It's surpising how after many moons, the Madden Team at EA Sports keeps thinking up new ways to advance the game play of a vintage classic.
Looking forward to getting my hands on it. Be sure to check the tweets and this weekend, expect a full write up on the new money saver as I call it.
Editor/Writer @rannyran on Twitter

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

BLOC NEWS: Download Yung Joc's New Album FREE!!!!

The site was not working earlier, however, it's up and running now. Download "Grind Flu" for Free. "Grind Flu" is the 3rd album from Swagg Team Entertainment Artist and CEO, Yung Joc.
We will have an album review and a player on the site for you to listen to it later tonight.
UPDATE 8/12/2009: We tried all night to download the dirty version and we just couldn't get it to work. As soon as we get our hands on it, we will review it.

BLOC NEWS: Congratulations to Jennifer Hudson's Newest Edition

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson and her fiancé David Otunga welcomed little David Daniel Otunga, Jr. on Monday night. Congratulations on the new baby

VID BLOC: Playaz Circle ft Ludacris - Gettin' Rich

BLOC NEWS: Top Ten iTunes Singles & Albums for week of 8/3

Singles: 1. "I Gotta Feeling," Black Eyed Peas 2. "Down," Jay Sean 3. "Use Somebody," Kings of Leon 4. "Good Girls Go Bad (feat. Leighton Meester)," Cobra Starship 5. "You Belong With Me," Taylor Swift 6. "Hotel Room Service" Pitbull 7. "Fire Burning," Sean Kingston 8. "Best I Ever Had," Drake 9. "Knock You Down," Kanye West, Ne-Yo, Keri Hilson 10. "Boom Boom Pow," Black Eyed Peas Albums: 1. "Only By the Night," Kings of Leon 2. "No One's First, and You're Next," Modest Mouse 3. "Gloriana," Gloriana 4. "The E.N.D. (The Energy Never Dies)," Black Eyed Peas 5. "(500) Days of Summer," Various Artists 6. "Breakthrough," Colbie Caillat 7. "Faith+Hope+Love," Hillsong 8. "Bright Side of Life," Rebelution 9. "Leave This Town," Daughtry 10. "I Look To You," Whitney Houston

VID BLOC: New Video from SODMG - Hot Trash !!!!

Seriously how is Souljah Boy and his crew one of the hottest groups in the game right now? I mean this video right clearly shows that he is talentless, hook rapper with enough lyrical ability to carry a nursery rhyme. I have to admit that he is a grinder and since urban radio continues to shovel his nonsense down our throats, Souljah Boy will remain a figure in the music industry for the time being. Editor/Writer: @rannyran on Twitter Music Editor: @Daynedash on Twitter

Monday, August 10, 2009

Fall Fashion Bloc: Pin Heels - FAB or SCARY?

The craze for Fall is Pin Heels. Simply put, the name says it all. From Yves Saint Laurent to Stuart Weitzman to Hugo Boss, everyone is designing their new stiletto, pump, boot and more with a dangerously sexy silhouette.
These are just a few from the season...However, the diva in me loves these heels while the reasonable, normal Autty is totally afraid of these heels - I mean, isn't it obvious? These girls are not for an amateur stiletto girl and frankly, I challenge even the pros to rock these bad boys. NONETHELESS, they are fab!
Ranging from different styles, shapes and colors and depending on the style of the shoe, even the most amateur street runway girl could possibly tackle them with a few additional disclaimers such as: Average heel I'm noticing is 4-5 inches, some lack support in the front of the shoe, and not to mention, and the average street surface is HELL to walk on in regular stilettos....
You make the final say-so for yourself tho.....Check out more on Elle Online at http://www.elle.com/Fashion/Fashion-Spotlight/Pin-Heels
Writer/Editor @theAutty on Twitter

Fashion Bloc: "Project Runway" contestants come to Lenox Mall

"Project Runway", Bravo’s former reality competition show for fashion designers has moved to Lifetime. Another change is that the show will be moving to Los Angeles after being filmed in New York since the show’s launch. The show is known for its innovation, crazy challenges, yet serious competitiveness. Each season brought an edge to the previous season, that as a fan, I thought could never get better …but it always did and I look forward to another season. This season will be just as important for the show due to the move, the heavy publicity, and the litigation nightmare regarding the move. Besides, Lifetime is not known for being a “stylish” or “hip” network but it is aiming to prove us all wrong with its already popular shows such as “Army Wives” and “Drop Dead Diva”. Over the weekend, Lifetime introduced a few of their contestants to Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta. The show's visit introduced: Carol Hanna Whitfield, 24, and Gordana Gehlhausen, 45, both from Charleston, SC, as well as, Mitchell Hall, 26, from Savannah, GA. Dave FM’s Mara Davis hosted a “Project Runway” challenge in which six people would try to design a T shirt seven minutes with the lucky person getting a $100 Simon Mall gift certificate which was a success for the network and its stars. Although, there are mixed feelings about the move, there’s no question about the love for Project Runway. Ultimately, we all just want to see the show! Project Runway premieres Thursday, August 20th, 2009 at 10 pm et/pt. To get to know the other designers, go to http://www.mylifetime.com/.
Writer/Editor @theAutty on Twitter