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Saturday, August 08, 2009

THE BOOM BOX: Patna Dem (RMX) - Rich Kids ft Ludacris and Lil Scrappy

I only can say one thing about this song.... F!@#KN HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Download will be available soon -

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Friday, August 07, 2009

BLOC NEWS: Maxwell Tour Dates are Announced

It's been a long time coming and after a successful album release that has sold over 500,000 copies certify the album Gold, Maxwell announces his fall tour dates. Maxwell's BLACKsummers'night Fall Tour will feature the hip hop talent of Common and rising R&B sensation Chrisette Michele. The tour will kick off on September 25th in Toronto, CN and ticket sale date is still to be announced.
The OURBLOC.com team will in attendance at one of the performance and will provide a full review on the site, so check back after the tour launches.
Tour Dates:
Fri Sept 25 Toronto Air Canada Centre Sat Sept 26 Detroit Joe Louis Arena (w/o Common) Mon Sept 28 New York Madison Square Garden Wed Sept 30 Richmond Richmond Coliseum Fri Oct 2 Washington DC Verizon Center Sat Oct 3 Philadelphia Wachovia Spectrum (w/o Common) Mon Oct 5 Atlanta Phillips Arena Tue Oct 6 Charlotte Time Warner Cable Arena Thu Oct 8 Chicago United Center Fri Oct 9 St. Louis Scottrade Center Mon Oct 12 Dallas TBA Tue Oct 13 Houston Toyota Center Fri Oct 16 Los Angeles Hollywood Bowl Sat Oct 17 San Francisco TBA

BLOC NEWS: Yung Joc Set to Release New Album Free to Public

(image from Ctv.ca)
Yung Joc is set to do the unthinkable for most artist in modern hip hop by releasing his 3rd studio album "GRIND FLU" for FREE. The album will be released on his own imprint, "Swagg Team Entertainment" and is sponsored by Nuvo, Whynatte Latte, Steve Rayman Chevrolet, DTLR Fashions, Silver, Dagger and Music Business Politics.
Joc said the reason for releasing the album this way was due to the fact that "fans all over the world have been eagerly waiting for me to release a new album and I felt the time was right at this very moment to release GRIND FLU for free, gift it to my fans and do things my way."
Here is the full track list for this highly anticipated album:
1. Grind Flu feat. Montana Da Mack
2. Might As Well 3. Universal Language feat. Shawty Lo & Young Vett
4. Drinks Up feat. Bobby V, Gucci & Nitti
5. Don't Be Scared feat. Ebony Love, Ricky G & Donte'
6. 500 Horses feat. Yung Ralph & Big A
7. My N*ggas
8. Posted At the Store feat. Gucci & Yung Ralph
9. Wham feat. Slim 10. Grind Flu Skit feat. Roc 11. Over feat. Cupid, Polo, Game & Carlito 12. Birds feat. Gucci, Nikki Minaj & OJ Da Juiceman
13. Make A Movie feat. DJ Khaled Produced
14. So feat. Mia X
15. Counterfeit feat. Tuck
16. Check feat. Montana Da Mac & SS
17. Choose Me feat. Chris Brown & Pleasure P
18. Winner feat. Masspike Miles 19. Bonus Track: Hello Kitty- Jah Jah
Swagg Team Entertainment anticipates this album will follow suit in the success they have enjoyed this year with hit singles from label signees' Hot Stylz ['Lookin' Boy'] and GS Boyz [Stanky Leg].
OURBLOC.com will post the link to download "Grind Flu" at midnight on August 11, 2009. Check back and read the album review that will post later that morning.
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BLOC NEWS: Cocaine Contributed to Billy Mays Death

Rick James said it best on 'The Chappelle Show' "...cocaine is a hell of a drug," and it appears that the white powder has claimed yet another TV icon. The autopsy report states that heart disease was the primary factor for Billy Mays untimely death, however, the effects of cocaine abuse was discovered as a result of toxicology exams. The toxicologist's assessment was Billy Mays may had used the drug prior to death, but he was not under the influence of the drug at the time of death.
Billy Mays was best known for the energy he provided to his infomercials selling direct marketing products to the general public. He was most famously known for pitching Oxi Clean to a supermarket success. His storybook pitch career also lead him to be the co-star of a reality show called "The Pitchmen" that aired on the Discovery Channel.

the Vid BLOC: Big Pun's Wife Strikes Back

Will the fire continue to spew or will the fam be able to bury the hatchet and allow Big Pun to R.I.P? Follow the OUR BLOC Family on Twitter Editor/Writer @rannyran on Twitter Contributing Music Editor @daynedash on Twitter

VID BLOC: Wyclef Discusses The Yele.org Movement in Haiti on 60 Minutes

Wyclef's 60 Minutes Interview Part 1 Wyclef's 60 Minutes Interview Part 2 Today take a moment and watch this interview. Many say they are a proponent for change, but so very little actually back it up. Masses out here say they have foundations and are attempting to impact lives of those who could make it if they got a leg up, but in the end they fall short. Here is a man who not only talks about it every chance he gets, but is actually in the trenches doing it. He does it not for himself, not for an accolade, he does it because its what he is supposed to do. He never forgot about his roots and understands that the roots that sprout you are the roots that make you the person you are today. OURBLOC.com is proud to say that we support the Wyclef Jean and look forward to hearing more great things from his camp and tying into the Warriors Movement.... Follow Wyclef on Twitter @Wyclef To find out more about Yele visit http://www.yele.org/ Share the video with someone, don't let the movement remain quiet.

VID BLOC: Kid Cudi Talks About What He Doesn't Like in Hip Hop

Hip Hop Artist Kid Cudi talks about what he doesn't like about Hip Hop and how he considers himself one of the Top 5 Artist in the game while doing radio on D.C.'s 93.9 FM. I see his point, the game has changed and is more so about what a person is wearing, or a look, and not so much about the music. OUR BLOC is waiting to hear the music that will bring the game back to what it was originally about... THE MUSIC. Keep doing what you do Cudi, but no disrespect, the jury is still out on the Top 5 comment. We love the confidence though and with that it will come to past as long as it stays about the work.
For those who are like who is Kid Cudi, listen to one of his hits "Day 'N' Night:

Kid Cudi - Day 'n' Night - Watch the best video clips here Editor/Writer @rannyran on Twitter For more info on Kid Cudi visit www.kidcudi.com

VID BLOC: Fabolous talks about Loso's Way and Drake's Knee

Drake fans don't get mad at Loso he was just sending good wishes for a speedy recovery to Drake. F-a-B-0 also talks about where the concept for the title of his album came from for those who were oblivious. Follow Fabolous @myfabolouslife on Twitter follow Editor/Writer @rannyran on Twitter

Thursday, August 06, 2009

the VID Bloc: Fat Joe Responds to the Allegations of Big Pun's Wife

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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Stoop: Backhand to Midtown Atlanta Residents

Question, when you are thinking of places to live and say you choose to live in a big city...what are your reasons for living in a city? Let me begin with my answer; I chose to live in Atlanta because it offered a wide spectrum of opportunity from employment to entertainment. An environment that once was a haven for potential success grounded in a foundation full of nutrients that fostered life. The reason I asked this question is in response to an article that the Atlanta Journal-Constitution posted about how Midtown Atlanta residents are passing a petition around to block the opening of a new club by the previous owners of Vision Nightclub. Click here to read the article "Neighbors don't want a new Vision nightclub" by Eric Stirgus. The jist of the article is Midtown Atlanta residents do not want a new club to open up because of noise, traffic and criminal act issues. That last issue has me like wtf criminal issues did they have previously. Currently the petition has over 110 names and is growing by the day. Let me ask another idiotic question, do you think Time Square residents or business owners would be like no more new anything here? Do you think they would be like "...people staying out until the wee hours of the morning is causing me not to be able to sleep..."? Let me answer this question... HELL NO!!!! Ok let's run down the current scenario we call the City of Atlanta (not the metro area). The city has a budget deficit of nearly $200 million, the City of Atlanta's sewer system is in shambles and currently in violation of many EPA mandates, the City of Atlanta has an A bond credit rating which is comparable to near-bad credit, and the City has a underfunded civil service budget leaving many areas without direct police or fire coverage. Oh wait it does not stop there, out of the metro area the City of Atlanta has the highest property and sales tax [any further increases require approval by Georgia State Congress...but they still have a deficit of near $200 million], there is no major revenue generator in the City of Atlanta, only a small percentage of the restaurants/clubs that were open are currently open, and there are only a handful of major festivals in the City of Atlanta. Even the Atlanta Falcons have considered moving the team to sites outside of the City of Atlanta once their lease is up with the Georgia Dome. Now that the foundation has been lead let's go in. Now let's talk about what was once Buckhead. Buckhead once was frequented by high 5 to low 6 figures crowds on a weekly basis...yes folks I said weekly. The residents of Buckhead said the nightclub scene that existed there for 19 years was destroying the values of their homes and bringing unruly crowds to their neighborhoods. They closed all the clubs and opened high end retail plus upscale housing. Fast forward to today, the once bustling Buckhead strip is now a unfinished major construction site shrewed by a backdrop of uninhabited real estate and empty store fronts. Many will say the failure of this area is due to the recession however, the significant downturn began well before the current economic crisis. Now Midtown wants to follow in the same footsteps. If one were to drive down Peachtree and enter the Midtown area, you will see tall glass office buildings and condos being built. You may think "Damn Atlanta is popping", but wait look closer. Over half of the real estate is empty and even more of the office space is dark. There is no change in site since the City of Atlanta increased commercial property taxes last year by 1000% for some buildings, thus forcing new and current tenants to look elsewhere. Most of the restaurants in Midtown close at 11:00pm [on peak nights like Thursday, Friday, Saturday] only after starting service after 4:00 pm. Show me what major city has a similar strategy? Most of the establishments in the Georgetown area of DC stay open well past that time on peak days; it's just not fair to compare this city to the likes of Miami, New York or Los Angeles. Atlanta once known for its bright lights, fast city nights, and abundance of opportunity is starting to see its glow dim. If the residents of Midtown are able to keep this and other entertainment establishments out of their area, what's next? I work in the Midtown area of Atlanta and the residents are always complaining about people parking on their streets. In response to these complaints, the city has started posting signs for two hour parking and/or blocking parking on streets. I say if you want to live in a suburban like-area why not move to suburbia?

The Stoop: The Rants and Raves of BLOC Readers and Writers

As we announced earlier this week on Twitter; we are introducing a new section called 'The Stoop'. 'The Stoop' will be a forum to discuss topics that range from useless information to fireball starters that burn the ass of many or perhaps just me. Please do not think this is a typical opinion based poll where one-sided rhetoric will be accepted; Apathy is completely banned from OUR BLOC. To change the world or your reality, it always begins with communication. Communication is key and 'The Stoop' is merely a forum for an exchange of opinions and ideas. Partake, enjoy and come back often. OUR BLOC welcomes you to 'The Stoop'

Bloc News: Teairra Mari Sets Album Release Date

The first lady of Roc-A-Fella Records, Teairra Mari, annouced today that her sophomore album will be officially released on October 20th, 2009. The album's title is "At That Point" and will feature all-star collabs with the likes of Flo Rida, Kanye, PleasureP, Rick Ross, and Nicki Minaj. The A-List of talent does not stop there. Roc-A-Fella has assembled a Dream Team of producers which includes Super Producers like Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins, DJ Clue, Polow Da Don, Rico Love, and more. For more information about Teairramari visit http://www.myspace.com/teairramari

BLOC BEATS: Clipse ft Keri Hilson & Pharrell - All Eyes On Me

New Song from the Clipse ft.
Keri Hilson & Pharrell
All Eyes On Me

Let us know what you think. Is it Quality, Trash or Has Potentional by check one of the below boxes

the WALKMAN: LiL Kim - Download

The Queen Bee is back with a new single
"Download" - ft T-Pain, Charlie Wilson, Souljah Boy, and The Dream

Let us know if this song is Quality, Trash, or Has Potential by selecting a box below

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

BLOC NEWS: Add Comic Book Contributor to Tyrese Gibson's Resume

Transformers star and R&B sensation Tyrese Gibson and Image Comics announced today that their presale efforts of TYRESE GIBSON’s MAYHEM through a partnership with Meltdown Comics has exceeded single store records not seen since the early 90s.
Meltdown owner Gaston Dominguez was quoted saying “The success of MAYHEM is a golden opportunity for all retailers to tap into this new influx of readers and in-store foot traffic that Tyrese brings with him,” .
The same was stated by one of the top comic book creators Tood McFarlane, who is responisble for the highly successful SPAWN comic series and movie. Todd McFarlane said “Tyrese is a 2.0 celebrity who is a marketing workhorse and whose brand spans across movies, music, and TV... Believe me when I tell you that if Tyrese Twitters your store name you will get calls and in-store orders.” McFarlane added “With the current state of the comic book industry, any new infusion of excitement or customers would be a welcome relief. Tyrese brings both of those to the table along with his unbridled enthusiasm. Image is looking forward to having a long sustained run with him on MAYHEM and some of the other ideas he’s talked about for the future.” Now that is a major vote of confidence from a serious heavyweight in the Comic Book Industry.
Often not we see our Black stars gain publicity for being ignorant, foolish and criminal; or for doing asinine acts like Souljah Boy's diamond encrusted remote control Lamborghini chain [definitely another topic]. It's finally good to see artists such as Tyrese successfully synergies with other arenas, especially ones where we have a limited foothold.
TYRESE GIBSON’S MAYHEM #1 (JUN090321), a 32-page full color comic book for $2.99, will be available for purchase starting today, August 5th, 2009. OUR BLOC will try to get our hands on a first edition copy today. Even if you are not a comic book reader, get out and support...and as we say on OUR BLOC..." Support Can Be Beautiful" - Mama Hill. Get out and pick up your copy today.
For real time MAYHEM updates, follow Tyrese on Twitter @Tyrese4ReaL
Writer/Editor: follow on Twitter @rannyran

BLOC NEWS UPDATE: Shemar Moore is Hit by a Car and Breaks His Leg

(AP – FILE- This Jan. 11, 2009 file photo shows actor Shemar Moore arriving at the HBO Golden Globes after-party ) I know this is not good news for the ladies, but Shemar Moore had an unfortnate accident this past weekend. According to his publicist, Staci Wolfe, confirmed that Mr. Moore broke his leg after he was hit by a car while biking. His publicist says "...he is Ok" Ladies don't be mad I am sure one of your favorite male actors will be back on the bike soon. Shemar Moore is currently a star on CBS' "Criminal Minds". Visit http://www.cbs.com/primetime/criminal_minds/ for more information about the show. Writer/Editor - @rannyran on Twitter

VID BLOC: DJ Whoo Kid Disses Jay-Z

I'm a Jay-Z fan, but this is a funny video. Posted on SOHH.com, DJ WHOO Kid uses video media and special effects trickery to add a new dimension to the Joe Camel comparison Jay-Z has drawn for most of his career. Writer/Editor @rannyran on Twitter

the STOOP: Goodie MOB Reunion Show

On September 19, 2009 Goodie Mob will do a one night only reunion performance at the "Remember Atlanta" concert being held at the Masquerade in Atlanta, GA. Tickets are available now through Ticketmaster. "The Goodie Mob Reunion is something we have collectively talked about doing for a long time. The people have called for it, and with the state of the union the way it is, the time is right," said Cee-Lo Green. The show promoters, Shameless Plug Promotions, has pulled off a series of successful concerts this year including the Drake performance which sold out in 5 hours. This concert is being touted as a major highlight for the Atlanta Hip Hop community and the BLOC is sure that it will not disappoint. Check back after September 19th for a full re-cap of the night's performances. OUR BLOC will definitely be on hand. Writer/Editor @rannyran on Twitter

Monday, August 03, 2009

Check out these Stylish Summer Shades under $20

Do us all a favor and spice up your look with some summer shades that are the norm with a twist. Whether its the same black or brown, these shades are worth trying...AND all under $20 Oh and fellas, I found a few cute ones for you too...the last 3 are men's sunglasses, also under $20 Don't be afraid, you just might like it :) ~Autty

Sunday, August 02, 2009


I just came across this group tonight, so forgive the ignorance. When I watched this buzz-worthy video [according to a few sites], I had to scratch my head and wonder what made it so hot? The only thing I liked about the song is how they hit you in the head with a 80isk, Beastie Boys style beat and the flow of the last dude. Other than that, I thought the hook was garbage, but it was catchy. I try not to destroy the work of any artist or group because they at least gave it a shot and are trying; that is more than most people can say that they are doing right now. Before I say that this group is totally undeserving of any moniker bearing "hip hop" before their name, I have to do further research. I will say that I am a bit intrigued since the group is getting love and respect from Bun B who is an Underground King [I'm sure he won't just big up anyone just cause}. Here is my reach out, if you have any music from these dudes mixtapes or what not, send them to us by posting a link in the comment field. I will listen to everything you have and will give a final opinion on whether I like or dislike them at that time. In the meantime, check the video below and weigh in. Remember on OUR BLOC communication is the key to what's hot and what's not. You can find more information about PAC DIV @ http://itspacdiv.com/ - the site is a work in progress Reach out and Follow me on twitter @rannyran www.OURBLOC.com

the WALKMAN: Ghostface Killah - R&B N Fish Listening Party

As a prelude to his R&B Wizard of Poetry Ghostface Killah drops the R&B N Fish mixtape with DJ Finess. Take a listen and share your thoughts. Track List 1. She’s A Killa feat. Ron Browz 2. Hot & Wet feat. 112 3. Lover In You Remix feat. Baby Face, P. Diddy 4. Clap for That feat. Noel 5. Shoulda Known Better feat. Case 6. No More Remix feat. Ruff Endz, Raekwon 7 .I’ll Be Loving You Long Time feat. Mariah Carey, LL Cool J 8. Summertime Remix feat. Beyonce 9. Your Child Remix feat. Mary J Blidge 10. Back Like That Remix 11. Irreplaceable Remix feat. Beyonce 12. Baby feat. Raheem DeVaughn 13. Again Remix feat. Faith Evans 14. Never Be the Same Again feat. Carl Thomas, Raekwon 15. The Chosen One feat. Jaheim16. Message From Ghostface 17. Freak In You feat. Jodeci, Raekwon 18. Rain On Me Remix feat. Ashanti 19. Forever20. Computer Love 21. Boyfriend #2 feat. Pleasure P 22. Get Down Like That Remix feat. Ne-Yo 23. All I Got is You Remix feat. Mary J Blidge 24. Do You Feel Me Remix feat. Anthony Hamilton


Get your T-Shirt Game Up...

With the right vest, accessories, fly jeans or all of the above, a cool T-Shirt can spruce up a regular day out and about. I like to wear some distressed skinnies, cuff them ever-so-slightly and throw on my stilettos or my most stylish flats with just a tee so I can rock my regular, "I'm not trying too hard", model look. Wellllll, Bang-On has the right tees for the model chick, rocker chick and even, some regular ol' tees for the model/rocker dude.... From the basic tees that are branded with names like "Magnum" or "The Tank Tank" to identify their individuality to the Tees we all love with the throwback sayings like "Me so Horny" or "Peace in the MiddleEast" and the Vintage Sesame Street, RunDMC, and ACDC T-Shirts, Bang-On has it all in every color that a boy AND a girl could love. I'm totally feeling the D.I.Y. Tees -aka Mashables too....where you can basically make your own signature tee out of different images and designs - THE ONLY CATCH: It can only be done at one of their specific locations until it gets up and rolling online but I totally can't wait. I have a serious Stupid Saying T-shirt addiction (no matter how ignorant or immature they are) and clearly, I'm behind the ball on Bang-On....but better late than never :) and why not pass on the love .... ~Autty Check Bang - On out at http://www.bang-on.com/ or www.twitter.com/bang_on

New Music: Nodeci - Sex in You (Part OOOO)

J-O-D-E-C-I is back...oh wait typo...I meant to say Nodeci with a song that hides nothing from the imagination. "Sex in You (Part OOoo)" feeds the ladies with a dose of pure raw sexual adrenaline that puts them on high alert. Does it have the potential to be a major hit? I think it does if Urban Radio gets behind it, however, I am sure this will be one of those hits that their following will enjoy for years to come. Listen to the song and tell us what you think

Now when I hear this Nodeci song the style reminds me of a throwback by LaFace Records recording group Pressha called ""Splackavellie" [yea I dug deep in the crates for this one]. This wasn't a big nationwide radio hit, but it did have its following. Check out the below youtube video and share what your thoughts are; do you think they have a similar vibe?

Before I let you all go, there is one final question that must be asked... "Who is NODECI?" Hopefully we will have an answer in the forthcoming weeks. Writer/Editor @rannyran on Twitter