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Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Stoop: WYCLEF Is Giving A Free Concert Online Today!!!!

 Wyclef Jean just announced that he will host a free acoustic concert today [August 29, 2009] on Wyclef.com the moment he reaches 1000 viewers on his live stream.

Currently, Wyclef is in a live studio session recording a new track for his album that is scheduled to be released in Feb 2010. He is taking periodic breaks to chat with viewers and discuss how each member can become active in his new Warrior movement. Wyclef stated "...the Warrior movement is real. The Warrior movement is a global network that is being built, so Warriors will never have to go outside of the network to promote anything they are trying to do. It doesn't matter if its promoting music or raising money to fund research in Africa. The Warrior movement is real...!"

During this session, Wyclef announced that the first two singles off the album will be "Hold On" featuring Reggae artist Mavado and "17" featuring Lil Wayne. Wyclef has set high expectations for this new project and he is depending on his Global Warrior movement to help sell 1,000,000 albums in the first week. On October 27, 2009, Wyclef and DJ Drama will be releasing a mixtape named "WYCLEF AKA TOUSSAINT ST JEAN PRESENTED BY @DJDRAMA - STREETS PRONOUNCE ME" which will feature new music from Wyclef.

Written by: Ran - @rannyran on Twitter

BLOC NEWS: SkunkWear DJ AM Memorial Tee to Benefit the MusiCares Foundation

Skunkwear Clothing has created a memorial tee to eulogize the death of Adam Goldstein otherwise known and loved as DJ AM. According to Skunkwear Clothing 100% of all the proceeds from shirt sales will be donated to the MusiCares Foundation. Shirts can be pre-ordered by visiting www.wearskunk.com.

The MusiCares Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences [The Grammy Awards]. The focus of the organization is to provide a place for musicians to turn to during times of personal, financial, and medical crisis.

DJ AM, Rest In Peace...You are gone but will never be forgotten.

Written by: Ran - @rannyran on Twitter

the BOOMBOX: Krazy Hot Riddims from Elephant Man, Vybez, and More

the BOOMBOX on OURBLOC.com has something for everyone. Here are a few riddims that dropped this week. All are fire, but listen to that Better Life riddim...It is definitely something to ride and Vybe to on a summer night.

Hmmm looks like Elephant is warring with Flippa Mafia and we have both diss tracks for you. Word on the net is Bounty and Vybz Kartel are exchange heavy, heated words and we will have both tracks for you shortly.

Live it, Love it, and Share it - www.OURBLOC.com




the BOOMBOX / VID BLOC: Skyy High - Street Dude (HOT!!!)

Definitely a fan of this camp; they keep cranking out quality music. OURBLOC.com has constant communication with the Skyy High, LLC camp and their #1 focus right now is to put Jersey on the map. There is no doubt in my mind that this camp can raise Jersey's profile back to where it should be; they have to continue to do what they do best...make quality hits.

Yo Duly, T-Bird and Skyy High Fam keep grindin... the streets are ready...

OURBLOC.com wants to introduce the world to SKYY HIGH ENT, LLC and their new video "Street Dude" - Download will be available soon.

Follow Skyy High Ent, LLC on Twitter @skyyhighent and @killasluddie

Live it, Love it, and Share it www.OURBLOC.com

Written By: Ran
@rannyran on Twitter

Music Editor: @Daynedash on Twitter

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Friday, August 28, 2009


OURBLOC.com would like to send our condolences  to the family and friends of DJ AM. Further details are forthcoming


Digital painting by Unkommon Kolor's the REAL Jeremy Biggers

Earlier this afternoon we broke the unfortunate news to the OURBLOC.com readership that DJ AM has died at the age of 36.
Numerous news agencies are reporting that friends of DJ AM notified the police when they hadn't heard from AM after a series of strange Twitter messages. Authorities went to AM's residence knocked several times, and after there was no response, they kicked in the door to discover his lifeless body. At this time, the authorities are ruling DJ AM's death as a suicide since [allegedly] drug paraphernalia was found near the body. We are saying allegedly until the Coroner's Office or an official Police statement is released. The reported information was provided by an Access Hollywood source.
For those who may not be familiar with DJ AM, he was one of the hottest DJs in the world. I never had an opportunity to see him perform live, but he was known for rocking a crowd hard. Many heard about his and Travis Barker's miracleous survial of a plane crash  in 2008. All but Travis and AM died in the fiery crash that occurred just after takeoff; that's why this news is so unfortunate.
Yo DJ AM .... we didn't know you, but you truly will be missed. To all the DJs out there let the tables spin silent for a moment in honor of AM.
On that note Bloc Heads... enjoy a DJ that understood the "Art of Mixology" and a Drummer that is so sick with it...you would think he had 8 arms.

OURBLOC.com: Quote of the Day

The darkest part of night is right before daybreak. The same applies to life...your darkest point is always before the breakthrough, so keep pushing.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

the Flat Screen: 'Project Runway' Episode 2 - Preggo Challenge

Another visit to Heidi delivers this week's challenge of creating a look for an actual celeb, supermodel, and tv star, Rebecca Romijn , also hot mommie-to-be.

Which brings this week's challenge to "Preggers Chic Challenge" - Romijn is pregnant with twins and yearns to have an outfit that shows a beautiful silhouette and is slightly, form-fitting.

Off to Mood with a $200 budget, Shirin opts to go left from the rest of the people with a vision of making a dress and a coat. Qristyl (my apologies for the misspell on the last post) looks like a fish out of water when pressured with deciding the perfect fabric for their preggers client. The nerves take ahold of Ra'Mon as he begins to create his piece and play back feedback from last week in his head as it was "being too safe". Unlike Ra'Mon though, Mitchell is again annoying by going with the goal of safe or in other words, "I'm gonna try not to get on the chopping block this time around". Tim may have went too far with his comment of "cuckoo already happening" about Malvin and his chicken lays an egg concept but I heart Tim for keeping it real. Malvin's "chicken leg" vision is a hot mess and scares me right off the back because my secret wish to eliminate Mitchell looked slim to none.

Off to the runway,

The pressure was on since Kors was replaced this week by Monique Lhuillier which left 3 moms that know what's hot when it comes to maternity clothing.

Louise with her tiered beauty in red and amazing attention to detail really impressed me; dyeing her lace top and putting layers in the dress to compensate the changes of a pregnant woman's body; love the inverted seams on Johnny's dress, although it was a boring piece it kind of gave the dress some type of pop it desperately needed; Shirin's vision in fruition was hotness; and Althea was a major plus for considering the client's mission to be sexy; the back screams "I'm preggo, but hey I still got it".

Ginormous WTF to Epperson & Malvin; AND of course, my man I love to hate, Mitchell, who tried to play it safe with an everyday t-shirt and shorts look but then got slapped in the face because despite the easy design; his construction was YET AGAIN poor and frankly, sloppy and amateur.

Finally, Ra'Mon created a dress that basically said "Hey look at me, Im caught up" and ummm...that's not in a good way.

The verdict is obvious....Shirin WINS with her fab dress full of fly details that even I can appreciate as a non-mother, this dress makes one hot mommie (see the winning look above). As far as the loser, which came first: the Chicken or the Egg? In Malvin's case, neither. The piece proved to be unflattering and totally inappropriate (yes, inappropriate). He got the boot and I totally agree. But yet, I can't help but wish Heidi added Mitchell to the boot. But he's off to another show because the whackos obviously need to be weeded out first. But here's to next week!

See what Shirin had to say about her winning look...

By: Autty @TheAutty on Twitter

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The Shoppe: Tech News - Some Good, Some Bad

Watching TV on the Net May Finally Be Going 21st Century

The other day @theAutty, Always_Inspired and I were talking about how hot it would be to access channels like HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, etc on the net rather than on the flat , but we knew that big brother cable conglomerate would not allow that to happen. Well I guess we can say jokes on us...lol.
Today Time Warner Cable announced at test project that will allow their customers to access the following channels in real time on the net. According to a Reuters report, the following channels that confirmed or are tentatively participating are:

    • GE's SyFy
    • Time Warner Inc's TNT
    • Cablevision Systems Corp's AMC
    • BBC's BBC America
    • CBS Corp
    • Discovery Communications (tentative)
    • Viacom, Inc (tentative)
          I am surprised that the cable operators waited so long to roll out an online strategy, but I guess it's a sign of what happens when we change from innovation to greed. Hopefully they will offer the service for free...I'm saying can the customers get more value for the $175+ a month they are currently paying? LOL ...Well I hope it has a successful outcome...but I'm bias...I love anything tech, media, and finance.

          Welcome the United States of Tortoise Internet Speed

          On Tuesday August 28th, 2009, the Communications Workers of America released a report that ranked World's Internet speed and let's just say, the U.S. got their butt handed to them.

          (*drumroll please*)The #1 country with the best download speed is - SOUTH KOREA - say what!!!!! Yes folk South Koreans can download at speeds of 20.4 mbps [megabits per second]. The US came in 28th place with a speed of 5.1 mbps; yea straight turtle speed. This is completely unacceptable. How is it that the US created the internet [before it was called the World Wide Web it was a tool for the Department of Defense] but yet we lag behind the world in Internet Technology? Have we all just accepted mediocrity as commonplace and try to milk every dollar out of it? I assume so...

          On OURBLOC we believe in creating solutions not perpetuating the problem, so today let's start up a petition to get Congress to work with the FCC to lift regulations that will allow greater bandwidth speed to flow. Included in this petition we will request that caps are put in place on the cost of this technology; I mean why have download speeds of 20+ megs and have to pay $300 a month for it? There comes a point in time when one says enoughs enough. Are we going to be a super power or are we just going to be a customer? It's our time to decide and in the words of the late Michael Jackson "...make a change...".

          Written by: Ran
          @Rannyran on Twitter
          blocran on skype

          the WALKMAN: Drake ft Lil Wayne, Kayne, and Eminem - Forever (HEAVY!!!!)

          < embed>
          Drake Ft. Lil Wayne, Kayne, Eminem
          " Forever "

          KRAZY-Y-Y-Y HOT!!!!
          Music Editor: @DayneDash on Twitter
          We Keep the Streetz Rockn' Alwayz

          The Stoop: from my head to your PC.

          + our bloc welcomes ME !

          ha ,
          thank God i'm FINALLY fckn here .
          welcome to the GREATEST show on earth .
          and i DO mean SHOW .
          yes hunny ,
          just to warn you ,
          im VERY uninhibited .
          i will say WHATEVER is on my mind .
          so ,
          if you get shocked easily ,
          or if you aren't used to someone who REALLY speaks their mind, [ i say tht b/c ALOT of ppl say they do , and really dnt ]
          then step the fck off .
          otherwise -
          share the love .

          from yours truly ,
          Bee Cardoza

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          Wednesday, August 26, 2009

          the Stoop: Entertainment's Lock Up

          CB is Sentenced to Hard Community Service and Probation

          Chris Brown had the book thrown at him at his sentencing in LA yesterday. The judge in the case gave Chris Brown 6 months of what she calls "Hard Community Service Time", 5 years of probation, and a restraining order keeping CB away from Rhianna unless they are at music industry events. His sentence will be served in VA beginning immediately.
          The next time you are driving down a VA highway and you see the dude in the jump suit off to the side with a striking resemblance to CB...it's probably him, but I wouldn't pull over and ask for an autograph.
          Seriously, I hope everyone can get pass this whole situation now that he was sentenced. We don't know what actually took place in the car; all we know is that 2 talented, young artists are caught up in some mess that they could have easily avoided. Is Juelz Santana Gonna Have to Smack a B*!$ch
          Allegedly Juelz took the Wayne Brady and Dave Chappelle skit to the uber extreme. According to Teaneck police, Juelz was arrested for making terroristic threats and possession of a weapon for allegedly threatening his girlfriend at knife point after a heated debate.
          When police arrived Santana told police that it was his girlfriend who had the knife, but they did not listen and arrested him instead. He posted bond shortly thereafter.
          Now this is yet another situation we don't know what happened, but its time for the police to start arresting the ladies for being the aggressor. I don't know if they have ever heard the saying "There is no wrath like a woman scorned" and all they have to do is be like he came at me so I got him...off to jail the fellas go. I believe Court TV has a show for these type of women it's called Snapped ....lol...
          Santana next instead of following Wayne Brady [if you even did this] just let it go and walk away.
          G-Unit Worker has 99 Problems and Women are 3 of them

          Now this story is a bit confusing, so let set the scene. (*read using a Queen's English accent*) It was a beautiful summer evening in Farmington, CT. Nestled in the sprawling countryside is a exquisite home owned by 50 Cent that is truly a well to do's playground.
          (*now in the voice of Ray Ray*) Now yesterday morning one of 50's workers and permanent residents of the estate was trying to get something popped off with 3 lovely ladies, but something happened and ish hit the fan. (*back to regular voice*) According to numerous news reports, I guess a dispute broke out and two of the 3 women tried to leave. Right before they hit the door, the third women went postal on the two chicks and in the process the G-Unit worker got pepper sprayed.
          Now I am not sure why the dude in the picture was arrested in the first place because it appears that the women were doing all the fighting. I don't want to speculate, but I will say this, next man find some sane chicks to live the Rockstar life with lol...but hey unlike Jay this dude has 99 problems and Women are 3 of them lol. Kiss' Homies Are Causing Problems

          The good thing is JadaKiss wasn't at the apartment he was leasing and is not wanted for questioning. The bad thing is that 2 of homies who were staying at the spot were raided yesterday and the police found 6.5 pounds of weed (probably for personal use), 5 grams of Herion (man why that is sherm stuff..hope not for personal use), and $40,000 cash (pocket change).
          According to reports from the Yonkers PD, two men were arrested outside of the apartment on drug charges and whatever information they provided lead to the raid of JadaKiss' apartment.
          Just seems like Kiss can't avoid problems from the homies. I believe a few years ago he was caught up in a gun scandal after a routine traffic stop and searched turned up a gun underneath the passenger seat of his homie's car where Kiss was riding shotgun. Maybe it's time to let the Patna Dem roll on Kiss?
          I hate to bring all this unfortunate news to the world, but I guess 8/25/2009 was bag up a Rap or R&B artist day. Hopefully we will have more positive news coming out of the industry today.
          Love it, Live it, and Make it Happen
          Written by: Ran
          @rannyran on Twitter

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          Bad things keep happening in your life because you allow bad things to control your situation. - Jouran Crosby

          Tuesday, August 25, 2009

          OURBLOC.com events coming soon the DC, NYC, VA, NC, GA and FL ----more details coming soon ...

          The Stoop: Rants and Rave - Fox News Advertiser Pull Back

          This is a story that broke the other day and I haven't had a chance to really comment on it until now. I can summarize this story up with one phrase "...ABOUT DAMN TIME". Apologize for the cursing, but it is about time that someone stood up to the political version of TMZ masked as a news channel.
          If you are unaware of the situation, on a July 28th broadcast of Glenn Beck's show, Glenn Beck called President Obama a racist. Then on the next day he tried to provide a justifiable answer to support his allegation on his radio broadcast. This is not the first time Fox News has been at the center of racially charged propaganda, just watch Bill O'Reilly's show at any given time when he speaks about non-Caucasian races. Well the Glenn Beck comment was the straw that broke the camels back for many advertisers.
          Through yesterday, roughly 33 advertisers pulled their sponsorship from Glenn Beck's show along with a few major advertisers pulling all ads off the network completely. You have to applaud this move, not because it was a slanderous comment against our Commander in Chief, but on the basis that enough is enough. Free Speech supporters are beginning to speak out against the advertisers, but slander is not covered under the Constitutional Amendment of Free Speech. There is nothing wrong with disagreeing with a person's views, political positions, decisions, etc but we must use tact when conveying that message regardless of how mad we are at that person, especially when that person is a member of the media. The Republican spin wash cycle better known as Fox News has gone to far in this situation, but its a surprise that something like this never happened before. I wonder if Clorox is going to step up and pull ads from Rush Limbaugh's show especially after his comments earlier this year stating that President Obama was forcing reparations on the American people. Yea ridiculous and they pay these individuals millions of dollars a year to so call discuss current and political newsworthy events.
          It will be interesting to see if Fox News is going to clean it up and move towards a more unbias format. In my opinion, I think that ol' Rupert Murdoch is going to continue the political spin cycle until they are forced off the air.
          Written by: Ran @rannyran on Twitter www.OURBLOC.com

          OURBLOC.com: Quote of the day

          The main ingredients to a great day are 1) a great big smile and 2) a positive attitude. Whatever happened yesterday is in the past; today is a new day and you have the power to make this day as grand as you like. - Jouran Crosby

          Monday, August 24, 2009

          OURBLOC.com: Quote of the Day

          In order to become a good networker, you have to first set your fear and shyness to the side. Fear breeds procrastination and shyness is the building block to miss opportunities. - Jouran Crosby

          Sunday, August 23, 2009

          The WALKMAN: New Music for 8/24/2009

          Wyclef "You Don't Wanna Go Outside" (HOTTTTT!!!!!)

          Shawty Lo ft The Dream, Ludacris and Gucci Mane - "Atlanta, GA" (KRAZZZZZZY HOTTTT!!!) - This will be a new Atlanta Anthem


          The Mental Relaxation: The good old day...

          Ahmad said it best, "sometimes I wish I was a kid again." My thoughts/memories that come from my childhood are priceless. I have reason to believe that I had the greatest childhood of all times..lol, no really :-)
          By way of rhyme I present a little of my past...
          Giggles, smiles, friends come to mind when I reminisce on the times I had. Goin back into the 80's, even the 90's fads. From singing regulators by Warren G with a group of friends on the porch, to running street races till my feet started to hurt. Boy was I quick but Jimmy was faster, the only girl on the block still able to roll with the latter... Mortal Kombat competitions, Street Fighter game nights.. whole street went from Nintendo to Sega G in one one night. Boy did we stay in accord, our parents were so great always letting us be out till what some would call late, as long as our friends' parents were around.. all our parents could relate. Remember the Lemon Heads, or Swiss Cake rolls, remember Boston Backed Beans or Chocolate Rolos? No one recalls the water melon heads but I was all over it like ya'll was on keds.. Back in the day I look up and I smile those were the good days think back for a while..
          I remember setting up stage, putting my karaoke on display.. you guessed it right there's a meeting today. Jimmy and I would assemble ALL the other kids on the block to listen to us discuss our goals and intentions as we talked non stop. Yes we were long winded and loved our self given positions Jimmy as President and VP was my description. We were so serious about our offices, of course we knew what was best.. we'd go through the trouble of even being well dressed, as we presented our speeches for all to hear, the karaoke was on blast but we certainly didn't care. After the meetings it was snack party time, which was of course my forte.. everyone bring candy and I'll distribute it this way.. I made sure I had a good amount, I felt as VP I was entitled... then I'd give the rest out as music played in the meanwhile..
          Well this was a glimpse, a look back into my past through memories that I hope will last.. I loved being a child having no cares to bare but I'm glad I grew up with positive memories to share...
          Comment below and let us know what some of your greatest child hood memories were.. maybe we can all relate.. :-)
          Written By: Always Inspired

          OURBLOC.com: Quote of the Day

          Your brain requires exercise just like every other part of you body. To stay mentally healthy, do something else other than read the latest gossip or watch the newest reality show. - Jouran Crosby