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Saturday, December 12, 2009

the Walkman: Trav - Ride the Wave

Ourbloc.com plans to always introduce new and good music to the masses. Check this dude out Trav and his hit single "Ride the Wave". Looking forward to future projects.

Trav Ride The Wave Clean from sadapow on Vimeo.

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Friday, December 11, 2009

the Walkman: Meet Me By the Mistletoe - Destenee

Great Christmas song for the Christmas Song lovers. Take a listen and share it with your family and friends.

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

the FASHION BLOC: British Fashion Awards Recap

Image: Winners at the British Fashion Awards 2009
(Left to right: Holly Fulton, Peter Pilotto and Christopher de Vos, Christopher Bailey, Georgia Jagger, Katie Hillier)

After 25 years, the British Fashion Awards -AKA- Fashion Oscars was a fab and eventful evening not only for the usual awards blunders but for the fashions and icons that attended from Sir Phillip Green, Jerry Hall to Victoria Beckham; not to mention, the Red Carpet adorned in Swarovski crystals. I almost couldn’t pay attention to the actual fashions that were worn, thanks to Swarovski.

Anyhoot, the biggest winner, Christopher Bailey, who is probably still popping bubbly took home, Designer of the Year and Brand of the Year for Burberry. Predictable Wins: Kate Moss took home the London 25 award and Georgia Jagger, Rimmel’s new face and rock heiress, gets Model of the Year. I was not expecting, but this seems like blasphemy to say, the Outstanding Achievement in Fashion Design award go to Dior’s John Galliano for his outstanding career and impact on the industry (which I agree). Then, there was the model, Karen Elson, in a gorgeous red velvet dress that fell into the orchestra pit gaining a standing ovation when she popped up yet suffering a few possible broken ribs. Nevertheless, we hope she has a speedy recovery – YIKES! Kate was speechless both when she accepted her London 25 and Galliano’s award – apparently, she kept trying to talk but all that came out was “thanks and goodbye”. What really matters is how fab my girl, Kate looked in her Dior frock.

Swarovski honored their emerging talents Holly Fulton for accessories and Peter Pilotto for Ready-to-Wear fashions. Dunhill's Kim Jones nabbed Menswear Designer of the Year while, the BFC British Collection of the Year honor went to Christopher Kane, and Katie Hillier was coined with Accessory Designer of the Year. Overall, I agree with all of the Honors. London is the fashion framework and everyone came out to pay tribute to the Brit’s remarkable influence to fashion. Let’s hope Kate finally gets over the shyness and Karen doesn’t bust her arse again. See more award winners on http://www.britishfashionawards.com/. Cherry-O!

Check out BFC’s Power 25!
The British Fashion Council Press Committee, chaired by Lucy Yeomans, chose ‘The Power List’ of the 25 most influential people working in Britain’s fashion industry today - Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell made the list!

More from the Red Carpet......

Photo Courtesy of BFA
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Written by Autty - theautty@ourbloc.com
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the Internal Memo: OURBLOC.com Welcomes Our New Pacific NorthWest Correspondent - Tre

OURBLOC.com is still fairly new, but we are very thankful for the success we've enjoyed thus far. The team is always constantly searching for literary painters that can create a beautiful manifesto upon a canvas we call life. The OURBLOC.com team is comprised of talent from all walks of life carrying one common denominator...A Love for Success and a Passion for Accomplishment. As we grow, we hope that everyone will continue to walk this journey with us.

With that said, we are proud to announce our newest member to the OURBLOC.com Team. An individual who will strive to bring you into his world with each tap of the keys. He's a native of the Pacific Northwest, but at home with the rest of us that love Music, Art, Politics and Current Events. Without further delay... OURBLOC.com welcomes Trevor Richen aka Tre to the team.

A Few Words from Tre:

When I came into the world on October 17th, 1988, I knew I was destined to do great things in life. For me, writing has always been a part of my life, as I come from a family of talented writers, including my dad who has encouraged me to keep writing everyday to keep putting my thoughts down on paper.

I am honored to be a part of the OurBloc.com team to show people the life in Portland, Oregon, which is where I was born and raised. I will show you the different sides of my city, including the music and nightlife scene that has put us on the map. For many of us, Portland is a beautiful city, where we celebrate life for all it has to offer and for me, this is an opportunity to not only put it on the map, but make my city proud.

I thank Ran and the rest of the OurBloc.com team for welcoming me to their team and giving me a great opportunity. I am forever grateful to them for opening a door for a great partnership. I also would like to thank Ran for showing me love on Twitter as well as all of my Twitter family and my family in the City Of Roses for encouraging me to keep doing positive things.

Thank you,

Trevor Richen

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the Vid Bloc: Butter Floor - LMAO Don't Piss Your Roommate Off

This wins Video of the Day LOL

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the Vid Bloc: I I I I I Can Make Ya "Bed Rock" - Young Money

No hype, No Introduction is needed for this camp. 

OURBLOC.com Presents

"Bed Rock" - Young Money (Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Gudda, Tyga, Jae, Lloyd)

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the Vid Bloc: "Better Life" - Yung Cal

Parental Advisory Suggested

OURBLOC.com Presents
The World Premiere of

"Better Life" - Yung Cal

Heartshok ENT is definitely a sleeper in the indie scene right now. I wouldn't drown a bottle of Ambien when mention Yung Cal...otherwise you will definitely miss this guy's move from unknown to well known.

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the Vid Bloc: New BoogzBooGetz ft Yung Berg and Wiz Khalifa - Yung Rockstarz

Parental Advisory Suggested

OURBLOC.com Presents 

Boogz BooGetz ft Yung Berg and Wiz Khalifa

Yung Rockstarz

Wiz has already banged the streets with his new Album - "Deal or No Deal" and his mixtape "Burn After Rolling" now he Boogz BooGetz, and Yung Berg ride on Boogz BooGetz new single "Yung Rockstarz". Definitely a heater and a must listen. Looking forward to the new Boogz BooGetz mixtape dropping early 2010.

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the Vid Bloc: "Go Shorty Go" - Travis Porter

OURBLOC.com Presents

The World Premiere of Travis Porter's New Video

"Go Shorty Go"

This track is definitely going to be a club and pole banger in the forthcoming months. Don't sleep of this Solo Group.

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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

the Vid Bloc: Frosty the Inappropriate Snowman - What are your Thoughts

CBS Marketing campaign for the broadcast of Frosty the Snowman is garnering a bit of not so good press. The reason for this stink is CBS' Marketing Team decided to see what would happen if Corn Cobb Pipe Toting lovable Snowman Frosty would look like reciting lines from the hit show "Two and a Half Men". I think the hybrid was skillfully done and side splitting funny, but many parents don't share the same opinion.

Parents, Adults, Sensitive Folks I hear your cries of outrage, but I don't agree. I'm probably the biggest fan of Frosty the Snowman and in most cases I would cry foul, blasphemy, bloody murder I tell you if someone tainted my Frosty. Even though I wanted to do just that when I read several news stories; I just could not stop laughing at the video.

(This video is not suitable for all audiences. Parental and Immaturity Advisory is Suggested)

Granted I hear your arguments such as "What if my child is surfing the net and types in "Frosty the Snowman" this trash will come up". Well my friend I will answer your question with a question...what is your child doing surfing the net without parental guidance? Any kid under the age of 17 should probably not be allowed to surf the net willy nilly in the first place. If you are one of those parents then shame on you for expecting the world to do your job. Here's another question to parents that feel this spot is out of line... have you watched some of the kids shows on TV nowadays? Yes this spot is laced with adult humor, but I think even Disney some times pushes up against the proverbial line of provocative inappropriateness.

Instead of complaining just block it or heck take your kids to the actual Frosty the Snowman website and scare the bejesus out of them if they dare leave the page. Who said it was illegal to strike parental fear to ensure the kid doesn't seek out inappropriate sites on the Web?

If you haven't already...take a look at the video. You can't tell me that for an adult this is not hilarious...LOL... for a child yes it's inappropriate, but the show Two and a Half Men is inappropriate for children yet most complaining let their children watch it. Hmmmm moral dilemma or a smidgen of hypocrisy? I'll let you be the judge.

Regardless of your views, don't deny your children the opportunity to watch a Christmas Classic ... "Frosty the Snowman" airing Dec 18th, 2009 at 8pm on your local CBS affiliate.

Feedback is always welcomed

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Written by: Ran
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the Stoop: Talk Time w/ Trey Songz

Ladies I know you will enjoy this one. Ever wanted the chance to see and interact with Trey Songz? Well here's your opportunity.

Thursdays with Trey runs again tomorrow 12/10 8pm EST. Fans will get an opportunity to see what Trey is doing, hear what he is working on and interact with the infamous Songz YUUUP. Log on to  www.ustream.tv/treysongz and call 804-335-0051 during the live broadcast to speak with Trey Songz.

It's Thursdays with Trey Live on UStream.

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Visit Trey Songz blog at www.seefurtherthaniam.com

the Vid Bloc: Streets Prounce Me Dead - Wyclef

From Wyclef's new EP produced by DJ Drama "From the Hut, to the Projects, to the Mansion"

OURBLOC.com Presents "The Streets Pronounce Me Dead" Directed by Justin Kauer

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Quote of the Day

"I am the Master of my Fate....I am the Captain of my Soul" - William Ernest Henley

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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

the SHOPPE: USA only - Beyond the Rack Sales begin today!

Become a guiding force in fashion with Burberry's iconic handbags and scarves. Indulge in the season's latest styles and hottest looks handpicked straight from Italy.

Juicy Couture captured the hearts of young fashionistas with its ultra-chic sunglasses. Featuring oversized plastic frames, rhinestone embellishments, and funky hardware logos.

A travel goods brand synonymous with the ultra-lightweight and a
leader in innovation. Heys USA pushes the limits of design to
create sophisticated styles to suit every lifestyle.

Join the Karmel Alden event!
A premium denim label whose candy-colored jeans are made from
the best fabrics to achieve a perfect fit and excellent styling
that's worn by all the Hollywood hipsters.

Join the Seychelles event!
The perfect blend of cutting edge looks and timeless vintage
details. A fabulous range of flats, heels, and boots for any

Other BTR events on now that end TOMORROW!

Courtesy of BTR

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the Shoppe: Today's Hautelook Sales

Hot items that make great Christmas gifts without breaking the bank. As you see membership truly has its privileges and if you're not a member of Hautelook you can't enjoy these great offers. Click here to join Hautelook today.

Remember most sales end within 24 hours, so don't drag your feet...ACT NOW!

Cartier up to 30% off 

Marc Jacobs up to 70% off

Haute Shippe up to 65% off

Decades Two up to 75% Off

Giorgio Armani up to 25% off

The Wrights up to 65% off

Joshua J up to 60% off

Portolano Womens up to 60% off

Portolano Mens up to 60% off

Techno Marhe up to 70% off

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the Picture House: Invictus

Opening on Friday 12/11 - Invictus starring Academy Award Winners Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon directed by Academy Awarding Winning Director Clint Eastwood. This will definitely be a must see movie!!!

The premise of the movie is how South African President and Activist Nelson Mandela [played by Morgan Freeman] inspired the South African Rugby team to an upset victory over New Zealand to win the 1995 World Cup, but in the process united a Country after apartheid ended.

Watch the trailer and invite everyone you know out to see this movie.

Written by: Ran
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the Vid Bloc/the Stoop: Virgin Galactica Unveils their New Spacecraft

Virgin CEO and Founder Sir Richard Branson is one of my favorite business people in the World. He has wow'd the World yet again with the unveiling of his new Virgin Galactica spacecraft. Passengers that pay $200,000 a ticket will get the awesome opportunity to go out the Earth's Atmosphere and experience 5 minutes of weightlessness before returning to the surface.

Sir Branson....save me a seat for 2015...this will be a trip I have to experience. Enjoy the AP video and check out this sweeeeeeeetttttttttttttt bird.

Written by: Ran
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Quote of the Day

"We don't know what we want, but we are ready to bite somebody to get it." - Will Rogers

Quote provided by @ATLPrincess from Twitter

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Monday, December 07, 2009

the Picture House: Disney's The Princess and the Frog

Opening this Friday in a theater near you. Disney's First Black Princess debuts in the fairy tale adventure of

"The Princess and the Frog"

Be sure to get out in drones this weekend and support this movie. If the community can support movies such as "Precious" and "I Can Do Bad All By Myself" then we definitely should support this highly positive movie.

Enjoy the movie and remember Support can be beautiful -[Theresa Hill]

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Quote of the Day

Always pay attention to the details. Details can make or break any and everything one does in life. - Jouran Crosby

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Sunday, December 06, 2009

the Stadium: Great Michael Vick Post-Game Interview with ESPN

The prodigal son returns home and wows the Georgia Dome as the Philadelphia Eagles route the Atlanta Falcons.  Michael Vick's "Road to Redemption" is still in full swing, but after scoring once with his legs and once with his arm, the future for the former face of the NFL is starting to look bright for him.

Here is Vick's post game interview with ESPN Analyst Sal Paolantonio.

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the Vid Bloc: Avatar Trailer

The OURBLOC.com team is excited about Avatar. Check back the weekend of 12/18 for a full review and synopsis.

In the meantime take a looksie at Academy Award Winning Director Jame Cameron's new masterpiece "Avatar"

Official Avatar Movie

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the Vid Bloc: Hilarious SNL Tiger Woods Skit

I'm still electing to not weigh in on the Tiger Woods debacle, however, this is a very funny SNL skit...lol...

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