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Friday, November 20, 2009

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Quote of the Day

"Life is what you make of it. If you feel nothing is working for you, change it" - Jouran Crosby

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

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Quote of the day

"One friend in a lifetime is much two are many three are hardly possible." -by Henry Adams

Quote provided by @RobertWisdom from Twitter

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

the Office Tower: Sony Ericsson is Moving Their Headquarters to Atlanta

It’s a happy day for the Atlanta Business Community.

Today, Sony Ericsson announced that they are moving their corporate headquarters to the Metro Atlanta area.

Sony Ericsson has not released any information regarding when they plan to move; nor how many jobs will be created as a result of the move. Nevertheless, this is big news for an area that suffered a devastating blow due to the economic downturn.

The company stated that Atlanta was chosen because one of their largest customers, AT&T Wireless, is based here. Another deciding factor was the gateway that the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport offers to all points in Latin America.

OURBLOC.com will communicate more details about the move and potential job openings once they are released by Sony Ericsson.

Congratulations Atlanta

Written by: Ran

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the Classifieds: Recession Rich Companies That Are Hiring

Article pulled verbatim from Yahoo! Finance and was provided to Yahoo! courtesy of Investopedia.com

Written by: by Katie Adams

Since the onset of the recession, firms nationwide have shed more than seven million jobs, causing the unemployment rate to double to 10.2%. We set out to find the silver lining behind this dark employment cloud and found several firms which are actually thriving and looking to hire. (Learn more about the impact of this recession.

Wal-Mart (NYSE: WMT)
Between its brick and mortar stores (Wal-Mart and Sam's Club) and their online shopping websites (walmart.com, samsclub.com) the Walton family empire already employs more than two million people worldwide and that number is poised to soar higher.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that during the global economic slump, Wal-Mart is winning over customers from higher-priced competitors. Pair that trend with a near-obsessive corporate culture of cost containment and you've got the recipe for long-term employment success. There are approximately 4,200 stores in the U.S. and the company has affirmed its medium-term growth goals including opening new supercenters in Canada, Mexico and the U.K.

PepsiCo (NYSE: PEP)
After beating analysts' third-quarter earnings predictions the soft drink titan is on track for record earnings this year and projects double-digit growth (between 11-13%) into 2010. With strong sales and cash in hand the company recently announced it would continue making "targeted investments across (its) entire portfolio" and that it would "expect to ramp up next year."

That's good news for job seekers, as "ramping up" is often corporate code for hiring. Learn more about their opportunities for professionals, jobs for new grads, and hourly or commission-based jobs.

Perrigo Company (Nasdaq: PRGO)

At a time when consumers are jealously guarding their wallets, Perrigo is well-positioned. The company develops, manufactures and distributes OTC and generic prescription pharmaceuticals. In fact it's the world's largest manufacturer of OTC pharmaceutical products for store brands. Perrigo just released its first-quarter fiscal 2010 reports and the global healthcare supplier's immediate future looks bright. Their strong corporate growth spans all divisions which means no hiring freezes for this Michigan-based employer.

NetApp (Nasdaq: NTAP)

Currently holding the #1 position on Fortune's "100 Best Companies to Work For" list, NetApp is weathering the recession just fine, thank you. At the end of August the company unveiled several new technologies to help companies at the forefront of the "cloud computing" movement. They're ahead of the curve technologically and financially and they're looking to add to their workforce in order to stay that way. They open the "Careers" page on their website with a short and to the point: "We've got jobs."

Abbott Laboratories (NYSE: ABT)

If you've ever worked out in a gym or stayed home with a sick child, you have probably already used an Abbott product or two. Abbott Labs, maker of numerous popular medical and nutritional products including Zone Perfect and Pedialyte, employs nearly 70,000 people at more than 100 sites worldwide. Even in a recession people are going to spend money on essentials, including the pharmaceutical products that Abbott makes.

The company is using that cash to expand its holdings (it recently made a $6.6 billion cash outlay for the Belgian firm Solvay Pharmaceuticals) and solidify its medical device divisions (by purchasing Evalve Inc. and Visiogen Inc.). It has already announced plans to expand its product base by delving into vaccines and hormone therapies, as well as plans to expand geographically into Asia and Eastern Europe.

Amazon (Nasdaq: AMZN)

This company may be able to thank the economic slump for helping boost its customer base by more than 17% in less than 12 months. To convert one-time customers to long-term loyal buyers the company has launched "Local Express Delivery" services for same-day delivery in seven major cities (New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Las Vegas, Seattle and Washington, D.C.) and expanded free shipping worldwide.

It's projecting fourth-quarter net sales projections between 21-36% and will be hiring to help make that happen.

Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX)

Business at Netflix is booming. The company recently announced that its customer base grew by a phenomenal 28% since this time last year. Since wages aren't expected to rebound anytime soon it's a safe bet that a movie home-delivery and online streaming business will continue to play well among consumers looking to save money by staying at home.

Netflix recently inked a deal with Sony allowing PS3 gamers to rent movies through their PS3 console, and announced plans to go international in 2010. To keep pace with growth they'll need to continue bringing top talent on board. They're currently hiring across numerous divisions and in numerous locations across the United States.

VistaPrint (Nasdaq: VPRT)

Any company that specializes in helping small businesses cut costs is most likely going to do well during an economic downturn. VistaPrint is no exception. Vistaprint provides personalized products (think business cards, letterhead, etc.) for small businesses and individuals. It just reported its first-quarter 2010 year-over-year revenue growth of more than 27% and 1.4 million new customers. That breaks down to an average daily order volume of more than 45,000 - nearly 29% higher than the same quarter one year ago.

It's going to capitalize on its growth by expanding at least two of its manufacturing facilities and continuing to staff up sites worldwide.

The Bottom Line

While the overall labor market's growth is too slow for most there are companies out there that are moving full steam ahead and are looking to hire. If you are looking for work, these companies just might be the ticket.( The end of a recession can be a great time to get back into the markets. Find out how to sniff out the best opportunities.

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Quote of the Day

"#Life101 Run like it's no finish line..."

Quote provided by @RapStarPromo

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the Stoop: 50 Cent and Vitamin Water Launch a New iPhone App

You think you can mix better than most DJs out here? Well if you have a iPhone, here's your chance to show the world what you can do with a 50 Cent track.

Vitamin Water and 50 Cent launch a new iPhone app that allows you to create your own mix of 50's tracks. At the this time, the only track offer is "Baby By Me" from his Before I Self Destruct album, but more tracks should be offered in the future.

Check this out, If you think your track is music worthy, post it directly to your FB page, email it to your circle, or better yet...submit the track to the Vitamin Water/50 cent competition. The winner will win a trip to NYC to meet the hip hop mogul himself.

Download it today and Happy Mixing....

Written by: Ran
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Question of the Day: Getting Money

What do you consider a symbol or sign that someone is "Getting/Making Money?"

*Feedback Welcomed*

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Question of the Day: 11-17-2009

Do adults read or have adults reverted back to looking at pictures instead of reading a book?

*Feedback is Welcome*

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the STOOP: Stop Crying Soldier and Uphold Your Responsibility

Here we go again with yet another story about a soldier who does not want to go off to war. It is really blowing my mind that people are joining the military with no intention on upholding their responsibility. Now I have a difference of opinion regarding the on-going Wars, but I will never and have never wavered in my support of our American Soldiers who are fighting and/or dying for Country. When I hear of Soldiers who try to use their children or their "beliefs" not fight during wartime, even though they signed up to protect Country, pissess me off.

If you have not read the story here is the link:


According Soldier’s Attorney, the Soldier's child care plan was submitted a couple months ago, but the situation changed. Allegedly, the Soldier's mother tried to watch her grandson, care for 3 critically ill family members while babysitting over 14 kids at her in-home daycare. I guess I'm reading too much into this, but "ummm yea about that" lol...sounds fishy to me. The end result is the Soldier did not report for deployment, she was arrested by the MPs, her mom was flown to Georgia to pick up the child, and the Soldier is facing jail time. Hmph, I guess going to jail is better than going to War for her eh?

Question, why did the Soldier's mom keep the child until a few days before deployment? If it was too much for the grandmother to handle, why did she not refuse the child care plan before the Solider submitted the documents? Once the Soldier found out her mother would not be able to keep the kid, why did she not immediately call her superiors in October and inform them of the child care changes? Why didn’t the Soldier report to deployment formation with her child? You know why??? It's all part of a game her and her mother are playing. It's called "I joined the military during wartime and I don't want to go to WAR".

I already know many people, especially mothers, are going to go in on me, but ah well. If she is truly in a bind, then by all means, I retract my statements. If she is just trying to avoid her duties, then don't throw her in jail, slap her with a dishonorably discharge and let her fend for self that way. When will people learn that they can not use their children as an excuse to get them out of obligations and responsibilities? I think it's the biggest cop out in the world.

Hey Soldier, even if you decide to deploy now, you're brethren will probably have ZERO faith in you. I am almost positive that no Soldier wants to go to war with another a Soldier they have 0 faith in. It may be best to just do your time in jail and then return home with the dishonorable. It's unfortunate, but it’s the path you have chosen.

Good Luck Soldier

Written By: Ran
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Quote of the Day

"There's nothing wrong with believing that everyone should look out for # 1 and criticizing those who "can't" for whatever reason" - Russell Simmons

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Monday, November 16, 2009

the Polling Station: Conservatives Shut Up - Thanks

Over the last several months the media has been inundated with remakes and comments from the Conservative Republican Party, but their latest comments are truly an embarrassment to the American people. Their latest comments are the reason why our country went from one of the most beloved to the most loathed in a matter of 8 years. These grumping old men need to take a step down from politics and join the local lodge to spew their hatred without embarrassing the government they were elected to serve.

The Conservative Republican party, which I feel is one steep away from wearing their white hoods to work, are mad at President Obama for the above picture. During President Obama's visit to Japan, he met with Japan's Emperor Akihito and out of respect took a "deep bow" to him. Now I am sure President Obama was just trying to show respect and may have taken a deeper bow than what native Japanese people take, but the Grumpy Old Men are completely blowing the bow out of proportion. I just say it’s a sign of our lack of knowledge of how deep a bow is supposed to be, but it was a great gesture on behalf of the American President to show respect to Japan.

Is this bow a sign of weakness? Heck no!!! I could see if he got on his knees and bowed to the Emperor's feet. Now that would be a sign of weakness or better yet, maybe pole riding Japan’s Emperor to obtain secrets to how to make better electronics, so the U.S. can compete. The fact that these Grumpy Old Men and Women aka the Republican Party are saying that this shows a sign of weakness ridiculous. To say that "...we are not standing tall and proud..." as one Conservative Party supporter stated is like saying "...F you Japan... we don't need to bow to you...We're Freaking Americans". How about we just become bullies and on President Obama’s next visit to any foreign country, have him say “Give Me Your Lunch Money!” Yep that’s a winner right there; what do you think Prez? You know if our Congress spent more time worrying about this country and less about the "so-called gaffes", maybe just maybe we could get back on track to being a political super power.

President Obama, thank you sir for making an attempt to repair and rebuild our global relationships with small, kind gestures. Just do me this one favor don't curtsey when should bow. If you made that gaffe, I’m sure the angry pundits would send you rainbow t-shirts saying we now have a gay President. These idiotic lashings are about as stupid as the lashings you took for wearing jeans to throw out the first pitch or for creating a relax White House environment. Yep whoever said a work environment should be relaxed and not up tight surely wasn’t a bitter old person who just can’t stop making their voice heard about nonsense that doesn’t matter in the first place.

Keep doing what you are doing and I am sure we will come out on top

Written by: Ran
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fashion BLOC: Style of the Week: "Simple Flyyy"

Why this works? MY TAKE: Her style varies by the day; its stylish, fab and everchanging. The key to her style is that it works, its cute, fun and not overdone. She's not all extra but she definitely is flyyy. GET IT :-D! Follow @modelhunnyb on Twitter.

Check out more of OURBLOC.COM's Style of the Week every week!


Written By: Autty
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Quote of the Day

"The heaviest burden are placed on those who can carry its weight." -Reggie White

Quote provided by @DJTommyGunzNJ

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