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Saturday, January 23, 2010

the Vid Bloc: Coco's Last Stand

The unfunny, big chin, old guy known as Jay Leno has won his Tonight Show back from the hilarious Conan O'Brien. After his long fascinating 7 month run [smh] on the Tonight Show with Conan O'Brian, he says one final emotional good-bye. 

Dear Internet,

Why is Conan leaving ... LOL

See you on picture box in September.

Written by: Ran

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the OUTER Limits: Death by Crushing Love

First, may the deceased in this story rest in peace. I'm not totally insensitive to the fact that someone did perish as a result of the actions of the defendant in this case, but this story is a major WHOA [in my Joey from Blossom voice].

Remember the childhood nursery rhyme that went a little like this:

Jack Sprat could eat no fat 
His wife could eat no lean. 
And so between them both, you see
They licked the platter clean

Well Jack in this case was a man who was 5'10 120lbs and his girlfriend is 5'9 350+. The details are sketchy, but basically she sat on him and he died. Wow this woman has to be pushing 450 or more, but I digress.

In the end, she pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter was sentenced to 3 years probation and 100 hours of community service. Needless to say, the family members of the deceased were not happy.

It's hard to not joke about this one, but ummm, yea about that...smh

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Written by: Ran

Friday, January 22, 2010

the Fashion BLOC: Project Runway - "Farm Love"

'Season of the Sashay' continues with a not too far fetched challenge but still interesting, nevertheless.

Challenge: Dress the models in a party dress made from Burlap Potato sack; The Catch: The models are the clients and they get to pick their designer.

Immediately, Emilio is excited to have immunity and I have to say I can't blame him.

Tim checks in early which I suspect its because last week they were ALL struggling. I mean, literally struggling and it looks like its nothing new for this episode. Needless to say, I'm right because yet again, they are twiddling their thumbs at his check-in. I die when Tim says he is flabbergasted by Jay's coolness of all the work he has to do (dye and still sew on the details the model wanted). Im excited to see Ping's creation - It has a modern feel to it at first glance. Amy did a nice dye treatment so far, so I'm excited about her dress too; AND Jesus attempts to make a skirt minus the potato sack material? He is wrapping ribbon over the burlap and not even showing just a hint of it. I hope they roast him since he has decided to go against Tim's suggestion.

Everyone looks frantic at this point, running around like chickens with their heads cut off....Literally, still sewing at the very last minute ...even after Tim comes Mila is still rushing to grab everything.

The Runway...
Judges: Heidi, Kors, Nina, and the legend, Lauren Hutton

My Faves are: Anthony, Ben, Mila, Seth Aaron, and Jonathan.
Amy used the potato sack and took the organic route by dipping it in dye and making it very cute and playful. I actually wanted to wear that burlap. You will never hear me say that again, cherish it :0). Emilio's was cute too, but he concerns me because the dress looked JUST like the first dress -IS THIS ALL HE CAN DO? hmmm....

Mila's peek-a-boo boobs dress pulled out! Which makes me think she only did great because she felt like she had something to prove to Alexis (her model) since she chose Anthony over her...Needless to say, Kors called her dress "edgy and hot".

Ping's was awful. I was extremely disappointed in the final look. I mean, WOW her butt cheeks were out and it was poorly constructed. Pamela dyed her dated dress a faded denim look which was wonderful but it also didn't look appropriate for the event. Jesus got called out for not following the rules (CLEARLY) and besides, green and brown were your color choices? really? My opinion is if you are going to have to face the judges about violating the rule, then make sure the dress is hot, but I digress.

Jay wins with his feathery cute number...AND Pamela gets the boot for her DDD (Denim Dated Dress). However, Jesus better get it together. He is showing his true colors and they are green and brown; neither cute or flattering together. Truly a lot of hot messery on this season - Can't wait til next week!

Written by Autty
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the Stoop: 7 Year Old Haitian Boy Survives 8 Days Buried in Rubble

[Source: CNN]

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

the Vid Bloc: His 5 sec of Fame Lands this AI Hopeful Behind Bars

In the words of Randy ... "Dog it's not that serious " lmao

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

the SHOPPE: Private Sales Report!

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Enjoy & Happy Shopping!

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Monday, January 18, 2010

The Travel Agency: JetSetter Deals!

Capella Telluride - TELLURIDE, COLORADO
This ski resort offers incredible terrain for serious skiers, views anyone can enjoy and an incredible retreat for those in need of rejuvenation.

Standard King $250 (Hotel Website $472)
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Miramonte Resort & Spa - INDIAN WELLS, CALIFORNIA
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–Travel & Leisure

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Enjoy and Happy Travels!

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the SHOPPE: Private Sales Report!

Today's private sales report varies from clothing, home and accessory love... These sample, membership-only sales come with up to an average of 60-80% off! Please feel free to click on the invitation links below or send your email address to theautty@ourbloc.com and join these events!

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the Stoop: Wyclef is currently holding a press conference on Yele and the State of Haiti

Quote of the Day

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other - Abraham Lincoln

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

the Arcade: New Transformers Video Game Trailer for the PS3

Question of the Day: Is the Super Bowl the Right Place for Anti Anything Ads?

Yahoo! Sports is reporting that Tim Tebow will be featured in a anti-abortion Super Bowl commercial for Focus on the Family. Focus on Family is not releasing details on the actual spot, but it may center around the fact that his mother did not abort him when she was on a missionary trip in 1984.

Now as awesome of a story as this may be, do you believe this is the proper venue to share their message? Do you think the TV networks should accept any Anti - anything spots for events such as the Super Bowl?

Now before you say why can't they do this and anti-smoking ads have been running for years during the Super Bowl, I actually do agree with those spots during the Super Bowl either. I think the only anti spots that should run during the Super Bowl are "Drink Responsibly" ads because millions of viewers are doing it right then and there.

Any feedback is welcome and to our feedburner sites such as FB and FeedBurner, come to OURBLOC.com and post your comment.

[Source: Yahoo! Sports]

Written by: Ran
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