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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Random Rants and Rave: Ode to Going For It

by Ran

[setting scene...Man sitting on the couch watching a Diddy Interview]

"Why can't that be me? I mean I throw parties all the time. I go ham on Twitter and I got a FB fan page. I'm hotter than Diddy, but everyone is always on his nuts because he's Diddy. It's cool my day will come I guess."

[scene freezes...cut away to narrator]

Does this sound familiar? Has someone sipped from the goblet of anger filled to the brim with Haterade? If this scene plays out every time you see someone "famous" ask yourself:

- What are they doing that I'm not doing?
- How often did they focus on what someone else was doing and not on their own goals?

Be sure to answer these questions honestly; if you can't be honest with yourself then your life will always be a lie. Final question, now ask yourself how much time do I dedicate to pursuing my goals? More often than not, one will see that they spend more time focused on what everyone else is doing rather than on what's important...YOU.

Marinate on that a bit...don't worry I'll wait [in my Kat Williams voice]

[camera pans to the left and zooms in on narrator]

What do you do? Well one of two decisions can be made.

1) You can either sit there, crack open that case of Haterade, turn to the next channel and get back to perfecting your Uncle Rukus impersonation


2) Run to the bathroom and piss that Haterade out of your system and get to work. No one will take action on your dreams, but you.

It does not matter what you dare to dream, just dare to dream and pursue them damn it. What ails our economy, our world, our well being is many of us are scared to try and pursue our dreams. Don't expect anything positive will happen if you don't put action behind your dreams. Remember this one thing...

[camera pulls back to a wide shot]

Gather all the advice you want, but with out action, all one has is information.

[scene unfreezes and the man sits there just staring at a blank screen...narrator speaks off screen]

No is your turn to write the ending to this soliloquy

See you soon good people and remember Live it, Love it, Share it