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Friday, July 09, 2010

the Stadium: The Trifecta is Now Complete and Cleveland is PISSED

written by Ran Crosby

*in my announcer voice* Let me introduce you to your NEW, Miami-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i Heat!!!!!!!

Enough of that and I'm not riding shotgun in the Miami Heat bandwagon mobile, but you have to admit that Pat Riley's [Mad Scientist] concoction is intriguing. Was this the best move for each one of these superstars? Who knows, only time will tell. Regardless, it's now a done deal and Team USA is now a reality in the NBA.

Everyone expected fan backlash, but seriously Cleveland...Cleveland...you're grown ass adults acting like your child ran away. I know you paid money to see Lebron play, but that does not mean you own the guy. The outrage from these "super fans" who have not picked up a basketball since they were 10 is getting seriously out of hand. Riots, burning of jerseys, tearing up posters and you expect another superstar to want to come and play in your city. Folks, that dream ended with the riot ensuing letter from Dan Gilbert., Cleveland Cavaliers owner. I understand you're disappointed, but there is an expectation that "PROFESSIONAL CANDOR" will be put forward by the ownership after the team under goes a major change such as your superstar leaving. At the end of the day it's a business folks and business decisions are made everyday by both Players and Owners.

Next, please stop saying that Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, and Larry Bird won championships on their own. If you you look at each one of these teams during their championship runs, they had a supporting cast of superstars in their own right. It was called "no salary cap" and teams were able to effectively buy their way to a NBA title. If you are a true basketball purist, but you say that Kareem, James Worthy, Kevin Mchale, Robert Parrish, Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman were not stars then my friend you're not a basketball purist. Contrary to the nonathletic's popular belief, you can't win anything on your own unless you're playing Golf, Tennis or Skiing...and even then, there are team aspects to each one of these sports.

The dynamics of the NBA have changed with this move, but the Heat are not "guaranteed" to win a championship yet. I mean they only have one signed player at this time and last I knew the NBA is not a 3 on 3 tournament.  The Bulls developed the concept, the Lakers are known for it, the Celtics ushered the modern day version of it and now the Heat have solidified that a team of 3 powerhouses playing together is here to stay. The World will be watching in late October when the new 3 Kings of the NBA tip off their season. Heading into the a CBA year, the Miami Heat may have saved the league. Only time will tell...

Congratulations is in order to Pat Riley, the Miami Heat Fans, and the Bandwagon Riders. The 2010-11 NBA season will go down in history as one of the most memorable.

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