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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Paper Love: 'Project Runway': EP 5

The competition is hardcore because now its down to the nitty gritty designers and all none sense should be left at the door...

From jump, Irina hates on Althea for winning last week and Nicholas hates on everybody as usual. Despite, they are off to a field trip with Tim, where in the words of Heidi ' the answers are in black & white'.

They end up at LA times, the destination for the challenge and they are introduced to fashion editor, Booth Moore. This week's challenge required the designers to use Newspaper as fabric to create a look.

Everyone goes APE, grabbing stacks after stacks and Irina, the Hater, doesn't understand that everyone is just trying to be safe and make sure they get enough "fabric".

USELESS FACT: Apparently, paper clothing is nothing new. In 1966, Scott Paper Company invented the paper dress as a marketing ploy. For one buck, women could buy the dress and also receive coupons for Scott paper products. The paper dress, shapeless and unattractive, wasn't an invention meant to be taken seriously, but women surprised the company by ordering half a million of these dresses in under a year.

First reactions...Chris' sketches are sooo fab coupled with a hard bodice with a feather bottom and Carol Hanna decides to dye her paper. They are all annoyed by Shirin and her constant, annoying chatter. While, Ra'Mon is geeked by using non conventional "fabric" and truly putting his skills to work.

AT Tim's fab check in....

Gordana wants to make a political statement with her piece; Tim is initially disappointed by Althea and gives her some cool advice in order to take a better approach...he tells her to look at the paper upside down to get an abstract feel. The greatest thing is that Tim says Johnny's dress is 'woeful' AND looks like the birds (at the top of the dress) are gonna attack the dress, so naturally, he scrapped the dress and nicely, tossed that bad boy in the trash. Which begins the lie....Johnny starts his infamous lie of the steamer magically "destroying his dress" when there wasn't even a steamer in there, according to Nicholas. Not to mention, he took the remainder of the time to do a crossword puzzle. Ahhhh always a good time to do crossword puzzles!

To the runway WE GO....

Fab Judge Roll Call: Tommy Hilfiger, Zoe Glassner, Eva Longoria Parker & Heidi...

Final looks:

Logan has an asian inspired lil' number .... Chris and Ra'Mon again rocked it!! Chris got the WOW he was looking for, you can see that cute look to the left....

Carol Hanna made a decadent dress that looked nothing like paper.... Irina created the new alternative to fur lol .... Althea was hot -Tommy thought it was genius! Louise had amazing structure BUTTTT what happened to Gordana's political statement????

Johnny ran with the lie (of course) and Nicholas, in true Nicholas style, keeps it real for him LOL and calls him out. The whole iron episode is even more hilarious because Heidi had the nerve to ask Tommy Hilfiger how bad can an iron sputter ? AND Eva responds by saying, "Honey, Tommy doesn't iron" Lmao Lmao!!! I loved it.

Anyhoot, the verdict ....IRINA the hater wins with a fab trenchcoat (see left)! Johnny clearly gets the boot. Not for the lie but for the whack dress. But then he has the nerve to say that giving up meth was actually easier. AND I love how Tim is even amazed at the random lie. I love it!

I look forward to next week, definitely is getting more and more interesting!

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The Stoop: "No Homo" Are You Gay if You Say This?

Watch the Tom Foolery first!!!!

Aight so the bruhs are saying "No Homo" all the time. I guess it's a masculine way for a guy to give another dude props without sounding like he is trying to get on...lol. Personally, I think it's the dumbest statement in the world to say, regardless of the context. Fast forward to tonight when the the infamous Autty told me to check the above video out and share my thoughts.

First, I was completely shocked at how flaming the dude was in the video. I have no problems with gay men, far from a homophobe. Personally I don't care what a grown ass adult does behind their own closed door, but this dude here is way over the top for me. The guy's name is B. Scott and he was like if you say "NO Homo" you are actually a homosexual. Hmm I guess it's another ploy to get back at the breeders [that's what the gay community calls heterosexual individuals...how do I know this...I mean all you have to do is listen to Q100 in Atlanta during Pride Weekend and you will hear Melissa shout it out every chance she gets BREEDERS] for using a saying that may slight a gay man. Not saying it's right, but at the same time, to generalize like that is a bit of a stretch don't ya think?

There is no easy way to discuss this topic without coming off as an asshole to either party, so I will just say this and let it rest. Fellas, if you have to say "No Homo" when you comment on another dude...man that is real ass. I mean heck if a dude has some hot shoes on just say ... "Yo son those are some sick kicks, where did you cop those at?" See I used a very masculine phrase to get my point across which was "I like your shoes, where can I get a pair". Now to say "No Homo" after that I would laugh in your face and walk away lol.

Now to my homosexual brethren... I can see how you may feel slighted by the comment, but its just a figure of speech. Don't focus on the small things, rise above and focus on something else. I mean who cares if some dudes have to say "No Homo" so they can feel manly when they compliment another dude? I mean just let it ride and keep it moving. Off topic, can you speak to the dude in this video...I mean do what you want with who you want, but why, why, why be like that? I guess he is not worst then the He-She on V-103 in the mornings, that dude is simply annoying ... how the hell did he get on radio in the first place.  I won't hate [does that make you happy Autty...lol]... B keep doing you homie  "No HOmo" - LMAO.

Everyone please respect each other and try to make the world a better place. Who cares about this and that; at the end of the day, what matters is that we are all respectful of each other's beliefs, ideologies, and personalities. We may not agree on everything, but no need to disrespect one another. Two wrongs don't make a right ya dig ... That's my PSA for the day

Written by: Ran

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the WALKMAN: Raekwon Speaks on His Relationship w/Diddy

Brought to you by Sohh.com

Damn Rae don't sign with Bad Boy ... Puff is a shark and will rob you blind. He is only loyal to himself homie...you know this already

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Friday, September 18, 2009

The Shoppe: **Sale Alert**

For those of you in the Atlanta Area, NV-U Boutique is having a fab sale for all those one of a kind, boutique goers like myself (*cheese*)!

As of September 16th, the NV-U Team is offering 20% off your purchase of $50 or more. Online orders please call 404-624-3737 to receive the discount.

Sale ends Saturday (September 19th)!

Location: 465 Boulevard SE, 104-A Atlanta, GA, 30312 Phone: 404-624-3737

Thurs - Fri: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm Sat: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

http://www.nv-uboutique.com/ or check them out on FaceBook!


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Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Shoppe: Talon Cuffs, Dagger Necklaces and Skull rings, OH MY!

With Fashion Week in full swing, it was only a matter of time before I stumbled across some old loves and some new loves. Thanks to Elle, today I was introduced to Pamela Love for the first time. I feel a bit upset that I'm soooo behind on her eclectic, edgy yet all-woman hear me roar jewelry.
Random signature eagle talon cuffs, piercing dagger necklaces, fierce skull rings and python wrapped around quartz crystal? I couldn't help but get excited from her style and her appreciation in things that aren't usually considered ....coolness. Its effortless yet just enough to make a person pump their brakes and ask you...."what the hell is that around your neck or wrapped around your arm?" - in a good way, that is...
This week, Love introduced a new limited edition pieces (shown embedded into a tree at far left) where they are adorned with fossilized mammoth ivory claws, scrimshaw edition numbering, and colored diamonds.
Check her out and let me know what you think.......http://www.pamelalovenyc.com/#

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

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Life is like a box of chocolates...You never know which one you're going to get. - Forrest Gump

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Monday, September 14, 2009

the WALKMAN/VIDEO BLOC: VMAs Top Performance

Here is reply footage from last night's top performances courtsey of Yardie

Jay-Z ft Alicia Keyes - "Empire State of Mind"

Michael Jackson's Tribute Ft Janet Jackson

Lady GAGA - Paparazzi

Beyonce - Single Ladies

the BOOMBOX is now the WALKMAN

To pay homage to vintage sound devices and to separate ourselves from the plethora of sites that use the Boom Box as their identifier, we have changed our music piece to the Walkman. We are excited about this change since the Walkman will feature new music from all genres in the immediate future.

Thank you to everyone who has stopped by the OURBLOC.com; we've only just begun.


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the BOOMBOX: Re-Cap of the VMAs

The MTV Video Music Awards roll around once a year and every year they never cease to deliver surprises, poor jokes, star studded performances and WTF moments. This year the VMAs posed many WTF moments, not many award surprises, and a plethra of poor jokes to the point you wonder why they don't hire Dave Chappell's former show writers.

For those who watched the show, we already know the biggest WTF moment was girly man Kayne West jumping on stage and snatching the mic from Teen Country Star Taylor Swift. Then he professed his undying love to do anything for Jay-Z by saying Beyonce should have won the award. I am pretty sure Jay had nothing to do with this; it's just another outburst in a long line of PMS moments from Ms. West. You would think by now MTV would of banned the dude from attending any awards show. The great thing is Beyonce placed a ban-aid over the swollen, teary eyed Taylor Swift's wounds when she allowed Taylor to give an acceptance after Beyonce won the Video of the Year Award. Regardless if you do or don't like Beyonce, she definitely won a ton of cool points tonight for being an adult.

The next WTF is when Lil Bow Bow, oh wait I mean, Lil Mama jumped on stage during Jay-Z and Alicia Keyes' classic show closing performance of "Empire State of Mind" off his new album BP3. Setting the scene, Jay-Z walks in and the camera shot is from behind him the whole way. Stage floor rises and the camera is still behind him; now the crowd appears in front of you as if you had a backstage to the show. Jay walks out, Alicia and the band begin to play and Jay rips it ...I mean slayed the audience like Excalibur did to dragons back in the Dark Ages. Then all of a sudden at the end of a vintage classic performance in front of millions of people Lil midget I mean Lil Mama jumps on stage and ruins it all. Not sure if she was hopped up on Red Bull and Pop Rocks or maybe she was just excited to see Jay and this was the only way he was going to accept a meeting with her. Regardless, it ruined a great performance. Ok, I guess saying ruin is harsh, but it was like adding steak sauce to a succulent medium cooked fillet mignon....just something you don't do. The funny thing is Twitter went in hard on her making #lilmamais the #1 trending topic of the night. There were some pretty hilarious tweets, go check them out.

The final WTF moment was delivered by the She-male herself, Lady GaGa. Ok we don't truly know if she is a he, so let me give her the respect she deserves. This whole performance was just weird from the beginning, but I will admit I was diggin the song. The performance was like something from Madonna's Truth or Dare tour. It was a in your face, take the children out of the room, and maybe turn the TV for 3 minutes type of performance capped with fake blood and her acting as if she died on stage. Hmmph, yep at that point she really killed a potentially great performance with antics that were very unnecessary. I guess this went along with the crazy dresses she wore all night including the one that caused her to have a real near death experience. She looked like a cartoon character in that red outfit below.

Other than that, the awards show was a bore, nothing memorable except Green Day who is by far one of modern day Rock's best performing bands in the world. Yes folks I said it, in the WORLD. Next Green Day concert that hits anywhere close to me I will be there front row.

Pink definitely wow'd with her trapeze performance. She was like a graceful punk rock sky ballerina that never missed a lip singing beat as she sang and flipped high above the Radio City Music Hall stage. If you missed her performance and her breast cover, check out Youtbe.com, I'm sure its on there by now.

Trying to see if there was another WOW moment...hmmm... nope not at all. Muse's performance was much to ado about nothing, Beyonce's performance was better than her BET performance but still a snorer, and only a handful of awards were actually handed out during the show. Definitely not the Moon Man Awards from back in the day, but hey that's what happens when MTV [Music Television] became RTV [Reality Television].

The only true surprise of the night is the fact that Beyonce was beat out in every category but one for the awards that were handed out during the live broadcast. Here are my few surprises I wish would of happened:

  • Green Day receiving 2 sets
  • Kayne being able to perform just to hear the audience boo him like crazy; then watch him run off like Old boy from Friday after Debo took his chain 
  • Lady Gaga's face actually being painted red when she took the mask off...then have her/him come out the closet 
  • Female security tackle Lil Mama as she was running to get on stage with Jay
  • If Em grabbed the Mic from Tracy and be like "Dude You Can't Sing and this sketch is lamer than when Sasha Cohen attempted to go down me on national TV"
  • Serena Williams go in on everyone and say "Another thing about last night ...." 
  • While Kayne was crying...the producers turn off the mic and then he gets body slammed by security
Now that my friend would of been a memorable VMAs ... lol
Written by: Ran

Sunday, September 13, 2009

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Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils - Louis Hector Berlioz

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