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Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Stoop: "No Homo" Are You Gay if You Say This?

Watch the Tom Foolery first!!!!

Aight so the bruhs are saying "No Homo" all the time. I guess it's a masculine way for a guy to give another dude props without sounding like he is trying to get on...lol. Personally, I think it's the dumbest statement in the world to say, regardless of the context. Fast forward to tonight when the the infamous Autty told me to check the above video out and share my thoughts.

First, I was completely shocked at how flaming the dude was in the video. I have no problems with gay men, far from a homophobe. Personally I don't care what a grown ass adult does behind their own closed door, but this dude here is way over the top for me. The guy's name is B. Scott and he was like if you say "NO Homo" you are actually a homosexual. Hmm I guess it's another ploy to get back at the breeders [that's what the gay community calls heterosexual individuals...how do I know this...I mean all you have to do is listen to Q100 in Atlanta during Pride Weekend and you will hear Melissa shout it out every chance she gets BREEDERS] for using a saying that may slight a gay man. Not saying it's right, but at the same time, to generalize like that is a bit of a stretch don't ya think?

There is no easy way to discuss this topic without coming off as an asshole to either party, so I will just say this and let it rest. Fellas, if you have to say "No Homo" when you comment on another dude...man that is real ass. I mean heck if a dude has some hot shoes on just say ... "Yo son those are some sick kicks, where did you cop those at?" See I used a very masculine phrase to get my point across which was "I like your shoes, where can I get a pair". Now to say "No Homo" after that I would laugh in your face and walk away lol.

Now to my homosexual brethren... I can see how you may feel slighted by the comment, but its just a figure of speech. Don't focus on the small things, rise above and focus on something else. I mean who cares if some dudes have to say "No Homo" so they can feel manly when they compliment another dude? I mean just let it ride and keep it moving. Off topic, can you speak to the dude in this video...I mean do what you want with who you want, but why, why, why be like that? I guess he is not worst then the He-She on V-103 in the mornings, that dude is simply annoying ... how the hell did he get on radio in the first place.  I won't hate [does that make you happy Autty...lol]... B keep doing you homie  "No HOmo" - LMAO.

Everyone please respect each other and try to make the world a better place. Who cares about this and that; at the end of the day, what matters is that we are all respectful of each other's beliefs, ideologies, and personalities. We may not agree on everything, but no need to disrespect one another. Two wrongs don't make a right ya dig ... That's my PSA for the day

Written by: Ran

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