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Friday, May 14, 2010

Random Rant and Rave: The Preverbial Rat Race

By Ran

It's amazing that with the continued negative sentiment, our elected officials are still sitting dormant ignoring the true factor that will stimulate our economy...Small Business. I can not fathom why we as a country continue to look to over bloated large businesses as our economic saving grace when they are too big or to set in their ways to excite anything. It seems as if Washington wants to continue to feed us cheese so we as a people can run right into the rat trap. I guess that's the outcome when your political system is run by an abundance of old farts who have to take multiple daily naps before making a decision about anything.

Picture this, it's 2010; unemployment is 9.9%; the World's economy is shaky, and we're on the brink of a massive Global Depression. You have oil spills here, wars there, stock market glitches up top and everyone's bank account in the toilet...hmm 10 years ago this would of been a Hollywood blockbuster instead, it's our reality. I'm far from a Teabagger, but I do agree that government (Republican and Democrat) have completely fck'd this economic recovery up. We needed a Keynesian strategy, we needed a Monetary strategy, now we need a supply-demand strategy without Keynesian being in play. Government's around the World are spending all this time "stabilizing" their currency with imaginary balance sheet money, but not passing encouraging laws that will actually do something freaking meaningful.

The World hates economic bubbles, but wait our whole economic system is bubble making machine. Here's the true problem...we generate bubbles that create huge incomes and idiots go and spend more than they make, so when the bubble burst now it's everybody's fault, but their own. I have a resolution for all...how about we aim to grow the most massive bubble in the world to save us from the brink of destruction, but tell everyone to ummm SAVE!!!!...wonderful concept huh. I hear you pundits... "if we do that we will drive up inflation" hell it beats the massive deflation we are seeing now. Hmm, we increase minimum wage, but then decrease the competition through closure, while continuing to decrease the cost of goods...that equals no profits to the big guys, thus resulting in a rise in unemployment. Amazingly you Wharton School graduates are really using the knowledge you were provided...blasphemy to such a great school, but I digress. Slight inflation will be good for the economy right now, if old farts start encouraging Small business growth. Right now no one can see their way out of a open paper bag; why because the people who run these countries are coached in theory not practice.

It's like this folks...you want things to change we have to make it happen ourselves. Stop waiting for your wonderful millionaire elected official to write some fascinating piece of legislation that will miraculously ignite the World economy and save all of us. Forget the Wal-mart's and Bank of America's of the world and start doing business with the mom and pops and community banks. Stop bad mouthing and start encouraging new, small business development GLOBALLY.

To all the small business owner's out there... you want things to change...stop charging like you're a big organization with 15,000 employees. Decrease your price and expand your market territory and stop looking for he guy who's going to give you a boatload of debt to force you out of business 3 years from now. You want to bring the big guy to his or her knees...it's called "Competition" and with the invention of a secret tool called the "Internet" you can compete...so stop crying and start doing.

Thanks for reading my Rant and Rave...take care and feel free to comment. Hey you do have a voice why be scared to use it????

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Quote of the Day

to obtain true freedom you have to purse what makes you happy...who said you have to be miserable to make money? - Jouran Crosby

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Quote of the Day

Success is not something that just happens, it's something that is created.... - Jouran Crosby