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Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Flat Screen: "Project Runway" Ep 7 - Fade to Blue?

Ra'Mon is gone (tear) after a disastrous yet risky and ambitious green lizard leather Sci-Fi piece that cost him his place in the competition. But its a new day, new dawn, same ol' next challenge where the only clue is 'Colorful'. This week, the designers get to make a Blue wonder for Macy's INC Brand with the chance of making a Holiday dress for their Winter line......Epp makes a fab point that they have to make something that will fit into Macy's existing line and not make a piece that is necessarily their own personal style.

They get 15 min to sketch and then an opportunity to pitch to Macy's in order to become the "chosen" Team Lead (TL) for this challenge - and to show how serious this challenge really is ....there is no immunity....

The Teams: Irina (TL) and Gordana Althea (TL) and Logan Carol Hanna (TL) and Shirin Christopher (TL) and Epp Louise (TL) and Nicholas (with his fab immunity)

Off to mood, they go with a $100 budget, Gordana and Irina look as if they are going to have issues and Louise loses her money to pay for the fabric, just for a moment though, but truly showing her scatterbrain personality. This challenge should be interesting...Chris and Epp are working well together and piggybacking off each other which is good. We discover Louise's "Bird" side - she totally makes bird noises to relieve the stress which may I add is totally Louise and that's not in a good way.

At Tim's check in...

Everyone is ride or die on Tim's feedback which he gives wholeheartedly. He sees immediately that Gordana and Irina need to get it together. Epp and Chris have allegedly reinvented the Men's Shirtdress per Gunn and he thinks Carol Hanna 's teal fabric will accentuate the overall piece.

Ultimately, I'm not really impressed with most of the looks at his check -in, nothing fascinating and nothing Macy's AND at this point, I need to be wow'd.

Off to the runway, we go...

Judge Rollcall: Martine Reardon, Zanna Moore, and Michael Kors...and clearly Heidi

The pressure is taking over everybody and the judges are getting harder and harder; The skirt on Althea's just kept getting smaller and smaller as her model worked the runway;

Despite the drama, Gordana and Irina pulled out one of the higher scores;

Louise's piece was a bridesmaid dress that was vomiting ruffles; she ultimately went ruffle crazy and the lucky one, Nicholas and his fab immunity just go right along because hey, he is free and clear of getting cut;

Kors' went hard and makes Chris cry uncontrollably (which was scary) - The fact is Chris designed two TOTALLY different styles that just looked an immediate and scary mess. It actually shocked me because we all know how much I love this dude.

The verdict - Irina (the hater) wins with a fab dress that is very Macy's and she will get the opportunity to make a fab Holiday dress. This makes Irina someone to consider for Bryant Park but the next show will only tell. Despite, Christopher on the verge of a severe heart attack he doesn't get the boot ...while, Louise doesn't get off that easy ....she got the boot due to the Ruffle overdosage.

Get Irina's take....

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