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Saturday, July 03, 2010

the Picture House: Review of the Last Airbender

I hate to disappoint you, but he doesn't bend his farts. I know sad for everyone who wanted to see him bend stinky air and make his foes pass out. LMAO Just kidding

The movie was good, but in traditional Hollywood remake style, it does not stick to the actual original material, but it does not completely divert from it. Let's start with the bad about the movie. The real downfall of the movie was the fact that I spent $22 to see it in Real 3D and there was nothing 3D about it. No flames or water jumping out at me. No flying drop kicks or swords nearly decapitating me in my seat. No 3D, no nothing. If some of the bigger scenes had true 3D elements, it would make the film that much better.

The only other downfall was the fact that the comedic side of Ang was left out a bit. Granted, M Knight would not be able to reduplicate penguin sliding or wake boarding on the backs of over-sized COD fish, but a bit more Ang-like humor would have been cool. Other than that, I thought the movie was pretty awesome.

The sets were absolutely amazing to say the least. M Knight took a page out of Peter Jackson's book of set design and delivered big. From the ships, to the Air Temples, to the Northern Water Tribe village; the only thing I can say was amazing. Even though the movie deviated from the original story, I enjoyed how M Knight developed certain aspects allowing for individuals to experience an array of feelings with the main characters. The fight scenes, I will let you know now, the fight scenes are not your typical martial art scenes. What do I mean you ask, well you see the fight scenes are in the good element, so they don't disappoint.

Many complained about the ending, but hey he had to set it up for a sequel and personally I think we all will go and see part deux. If you're sitting there saying "oh Hell no I'm not seeing that crap again" stop lying you know after seeing that spectacular water bending scene that you want to see what Ang will do with the remaining elements. Plus, if you are a true fan of the show, the first chapter of the book is Water.

Overall the film was decent, but the lack of 3D was a bit disappointing. As a result I have to give the movie a 2.5 3D glasses on a scale of 4. I say go check it out, just don't spend the extra money to see it in 3D.

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