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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

the Outer Limits: Why Do We Encourage Flu Shots Again?

Here's a story that ran last October on a Inside Edition. High level overview of the story...young lady gets a flu shot and comes down with a rare disease that causes uncontrollable muscle movements when she is walking forward, but she is able to walk backwards and run normally.

I've only taken 2 maybe 3 flu shots in my lifetime, but honestly I feel like I get sicker when I do. After seeing this video and fighting my current cold, I'm off the flu shot. I  am all for advancements in medical technology, but when it comes to the flu, how can we create a vaccine for something that we actually don't understand? Think about it...take a sec...matter fact...take four beats...hmmm.

Check the video

Crazy huh? Makes you re-think taking the proverbial flu shot. Just a little food for thought....

Sources: Inside Edition and @cl_smooth10 from Twitter

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Written by: Ran
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