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Friday, October 30, 2009

the PICTURE HOUSE: Michael Jackson's "This Is It" Movie Review

I started dancing at the age of 7 and Michael Jackson has played a huge part of fueling my passion. On Wednesday October 28th, Michael Jackson’s “This Is It”, was released. The film is a montage of never before seen footage from his tour, and I was lucky to be able to catch it on opening day. This is one of the best musical documentaries that I have ever seen!

In the film, Michael is so humble, caring, and even comical. It was awesome to see Michael speak to the dancers and musicians he was working with in a calm and kind tone. Throughout the film he kept saying “We’re family” and meant it unlike most artist who just bark orders. Michael actually treated his crew as true members of the family.

The performances were phenomenal and his vocals were on point; probably his best ever. At the age of 50, a man who can move like he did on that film is just amazing. It was almost as if I was watching the young Michael even when he threw in some new school moves.

Oh my gosh, if you were never a fan at first or not even a fan at all, after seeing this you will be on the bandwagon. If you really and truly appreciate music, go and support this film. “This Is It” is not just music documentary, it’s a musical adventure. I thank Michael for blessing us with his gift and many talents. He will truly be missed.

Written By: Cee Nicole
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Image courtsey of the Miam Herald

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